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By Craig Cordle, Charlotte Brown
A Guernsey fund investing in songs and musical intellectual property rights, set up by Merck Mercuriadis, the former manager of Beyoncé, Elton John, Morrissey, Iron Maiden and Guns N' Roses ...
By Jennifer Fox
A recent decision of the Cayman Islands Grand Court in Y v R (9 January 2018) has confirmed the applicable principles concerning the appointment of receivers to aid enforcement of a Cayman Islands' judgment.
By Nicola Roberts, Leon Hurd
MONEYVAL's inspection of Jersey's AML regime in 2015 and its subsequent report issued in May 2016 has focussed the minds of Jersey legislators and regulators to actively prosecute more financial crime and in particular to introduce a non-conviction based confiscation regime to apply in parallel with the conviction based system.
By Richard Daggett, Raulin Amy, Katrina Edge, Bertrand Geradin, Niamh Lalor, Bryon Rees
In November 2017, the UK Government's Autumn Budget announced significant proposals relating to the taxation of gains made by non-UK residents on disposals of UK property.
By Craig Cordle
Ethical investments – also known as Environmental, Social and Governance, or ESG, investments - are a growth area.
By Cline Glidden
Registering trademarks is not expensive, and gives you rights to protect your brand with simple but robust legal remedies.
By Niamh Lalor, Craig Cordle, Sophie Reguengo, Gabrielle Saul
On 11 June 2018, the JFSC published Consultation No. 4 2018: Enhancements to Investment Business Regime.
By Martyn Baudains
Guernsey needs a wide debate about the merits and risks of equity release mortgage schemes that allow older people to release some or all of the values of their properties to enjoy in their later years.
By Caroline Bormans
On 19 June 2018 Bill of Law nr. 7318 (the Bill) was introduced before the Luxembourg Parliament, with the purpose of, amongst others, transposing Council Directive 2016/1164 laying down rules...
By Michael Killourhy, David Mathews
A significant percentage of all employment within the OECD group comes from small enterprises, many of which have fewer than 9 employees and, as such, are frequently termed 'micro' businesses.
By Mathew Newman, Abby Lund
The long awaited judgment of the Guernsey Court of Appeal in M v St Annes Trustees has now been handed down.
By Eva Gyori-Toursel
Directive 2016/97/EU on Insurance Distribution ("IDD"): a new regulatory trap for the asset management and private banking industry rendering services to clients based in the EEA?
By Mathew Newman, Sandie Lyne
The Financial Intelligence Service's ("FIS") refusal to consent to a proposed transaction under Guernsey's anti-money laundering reporting regime has resulted in the Royal Court deciding its first private law...
By Sophie Reguengo
It's business as usual in Jersey and our offering has never been better.
By Mathew Newman
With a number of significant recent court decisions, the past year has significantly advanced jurisprudence in Guernsey trust law.
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