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By Jotham Scerri-Diacono, Jan Rossi
Dr Jotham Scerri-Diacono is partner and co-head of Ganado Advocates' ship registration team.
By James Debono, Beppe Degiorgio
The European Commission hailed the implementation of the regulation as an essential step towards the completion of its initiative to establish a Capital Markets Union in the EU.
By Stefan Vella, Elaine Magri
There is no doubt that you have heard a lot about the Insurance Distribution Directive (‘IDD') and the changes that this will bring along. Despite all this, what have you done about it?
By Jens Buedinger
In 1889, the first system of State pension provision was introduced by German Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck.
By Elaine Magri, Stefan Vella
More than 40 pages long, as opposed to the eight pages of the IMD, the IDD makes a number of significant changes to the earlier regime.
By Matthew Bianchi
The Q&A guide to Insurance and Reinsurance (published by Thomson Reuters Practical Law) provides a high level overview of the market trends and regulatory framework in the insurance and reinsurance market;
By Ganado Advocates
What is "gaming" or "gambling" defined as? What elements of a game constitute gambling?
By Nicholas Curmi
After five months of intense negotiations, the Maltese EU Council presidency team, co-chaired by GANADO Advocates lawyer Nicholas Curmi, has concluded a successful deal with the European Parliament...
By Paul Grimaud, Philip Mifsud
The principal data protection legislation is the Data Protection Act ("DPA"), Chapter 440 of the Laws of Malta.
By Ganado Advocates
The event is organised by AFME and IMN and will be held in Barcelona between the 6th and 8th June 2017.
By Jotham Scerri-Diacono, Rachel Genovese, Jan Rossi
Welcome to our latest edition of the GANADO Shipping and Maritime Law Newsletter, the first one for 2017.
By Nicholas Curmi
Formalities. In order to create an enforceable debt obligation of the obligor to the seller: (a) is it necessary that the sales of goods or services are evidenced by a formal receivables contract...
By Stephanie Coppini
On 21 March, 2017, the Companies (Amendment) Act, 2017 ("Amending Act") came into force after having been passed by the House of Representatives at Sitting No. 495 of 15 March, 2017.
By Ganado Advocates
The Trading Licences Regulations, 2017 (published on the 1st January, 2017, by means of Legal Notice 420 of 2016...
By Matthew Bianchi, Matthew Brincat, Tanya Causon, Elaine Magri, Stephanie Cassar, Nadia Cassar, Lara Pace, Nicholas Curmi, Jens Buedinger, Carla Barthet
MFSA circular to the Market relating to the assessment required prior to proposing Individuals for Approved Positions
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