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By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq, İlay Yılmaz, Noyan Utkan
The Working Party also mentions the terms "granularity" while determining the existence of freely given consent.
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq, Ceyda Karaoğlan Nalçacı, Tolga Uluay, A. Bahadır Erkan, Şive Sepici
The TCO provides a control mechanism with regard to the interpretation of standardized terms.
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq, Ceyda Karaoğlan Nalçacı, Can Güner, Tuğba Uluay, Berat Ataseven
The employer may object to the categorization of the invention as an independent invention within 3 months of the notification.
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq
The Competition Authority announced, on its official website, the Board's reasoned decision of unconditional approval regarding the transaction concerning the acquisition of sole control...
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq, Damla Doğancalı, Selen Sakar
Borsa Istanbul A.Ş. ("BIST") has introduced a number of significant amendments on the Listing Directive on July 31, 2017.
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq, Ceren Yıldız, Ecem Elver
In Turkey, the authority to initiate dumping or subsidy examinations, upon complaint or, where necessary, ex officio, is given to the Ministry of Economy ("Ministry"). Within the scope of this authority, the Ministry announces its decisions with the communiqués published on the Official Gazette.
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq
Viessmann Isı is the exclusive distributor of Viessmann-branded products within Turkey, and is solely owned and controlled by Viessmann Holding International GmbH.
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq, İlay Yılmaz, Noyan Utkan
The ICTA published the Draft Regulation on Processing and Protection of the Privacy of Personal Data in the Electronic Communications Sector for public notice and comment on their website on August 17, 2017.
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq, Ceren Yıldız, Ecem Elver
Our article hereby summarizes how crowdfunding works and the principles under the Law.
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq, Ceren Yıldız, Ecem Elver
The new Zoning Regulation for Planned Areas was published in the Official Gazette of July 3, 2017, and it abolished the Type Zoning Regulation for Planned Areas, which had been in force for over thirty years.
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq, Nazlı Nil Yukaruc, Gülşen Pazarbaşı
Limited liability companies are managed by their board of directors. As per the Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102, the board of directors is composed of at least one director, who could be a Turkish or a foreign real person or legal entity, ...
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq, İlay Yılmaz, Noyan Utkan
On October 19, 2017, the European Court of Human Rights ("ECHR") announced its decision in a significant case, regarding a piece of content published on a website.
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq, İlay Yılmaz, Burak Yeşilaltay, Elifcan Ayşe Çepoğlu
On June 14, 2017, the Ankara Regional Administrative Court's 7th Administrative Chamber ("Regional Court") rendered a decision stating that telecommunications operators must be warned regarding an infringement before an administrative fine is imposed on them.
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq, Ç. Olgu Kama, Burcu Ergün
The US Department of Justice ("DOJ") had announced a pilot program ("Pilot Program") on April 5, 2016, which created new mitigation opportunities for companies that (i) voluntarily self-disclosed, (ii) cooperated fully, and (iii) took timely and appropriate remedial actions in FCPA matters that fell within the Fraud Section's mandate.
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq, Ceren Yıldız, Ecem Elver
The Ministry of Health had two major items on its legislative agenda during the last quarter of 2017, which may impact the manufacturers and importers of human medicinal products, as these items pertain to the manufacturing as well as the pricing of medicines.
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