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By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq
The Board recently published its reasoned decision on the preliminary investigation conducted against the Chamber of Forest Engineering ("CFE").
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq, Ç. Olgu Kama
Turkey's main regulation with respect to planning procedures for protected areas, the Regulation on Plan Preparation for Protected Areas ("Regulation") was amended with another regulation published in the Official Gazette of December 6, 2016, and entered into force as of its date of publication.
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq, Nazlı Nil Yukaruc, Gözde Kitapcı
The modifications made by the Turkish Code of Obligations No. 6098 ("Code") to surety agreements (known as "kefalet sözleşmeleri" in Turkish) was a hot topic of discussion, not only among practitioners, but also among the general public, ..
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq, Ceren Yıldız
On December 21, 2016, the Ministry of Economy ("Ministry"), by way of publishing the Communiqué on the Prevention of Unfair Competition in Imports ..
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq
The Board published its reasoned decision concerning the request for negative clearance for the "Standardized and Binding Framework Agreement" ("SBFA"), published by the Banks Association of Turkey ("BAT").
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq, Ceyda Karaoğlan Nalçacı
The new Law on Experts No. 6754 ("Expert Law") brought fundamental changes to the system of court-appointed experts in the litigation process.
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq, Nazlı Nil Yukaruc
Determining the limits of the capacity to have rights and obligations of a joint-stock or limited liability company ("Company") is very crucial since it directly affects the validity of a transaction that a Company performs
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq, Ceyda Karaoğlan Nalçacı
An individual pension system was introduced in Turkey in 2001 with the Law on Individual Pension Savings and Investment System ("Law") No. 4632.
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq
Daiichi Sankyo İlaç Ticaret Ltd. Şti. ("Daiichi"), a globally active company in the distribution, sale, marketing and importation of pharmaceutical products, and Aksel Ecza Deposu A.Ş. ("Aksel"), a drug wholesaler, entered into a vertical exclusivity agreement ("Agreement").
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq, Nazlı Nil Yukaruc, Aslıhan Erdem
Real estate investment companies ("REIC"), investing the real estate projects and/or rights in rem, are strictly regulated by the Capital Markets Authority.
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq, Ceren Yıldız
In 2014, the Turkish Medicine and Medical Device Institution's ("Institution") New Year's resolution list included two remarkable items: (i) ensuring people's access to safe human medicinal products, and (ii) battling the grey economy.
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq, İlay Yılmaz
In recent years, the rapid development and growth of the telecommunications sector boosted innovation and led to an inevitable convergence in the information and communications technologies.
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq, Ceyda Karaoğlan Nalçacı, Can Güner
For many years, in order to cover any rights pertaining to trademarks, patents, designs, utility models and geographical indications, one had to look at an assortment of decree laws instead of consulting a single, united code.
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq, İlay Yılmaz
In 2014, 121 deputies of the Republican People's Party ("CHP") applied to the Constitutional Court for the annulment of certain provisions of Law No. 5651, the primary Internet law in Turkey, along with certain provisions of other laws, such as the Tax Procedure Law and the Public Tender Law.
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq
The New Block Exemption Communiqué No. 2017/3 for the Vertical Agreements in the Motor Vehicle Sector in Turkey is published in the Official Gazette dated 24 February 2017.
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