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By James Freemantle
Bircham Dyson Bell recently acted for the Claimants in the case of Butler and Butler v Butler and Butler [2016] EWHC 1793 (Ch) concerning a dispute between the four children of the late Sir Michael Butler GCMG ...
By Geoffrey Kertesz
The Inheritance Act allows certain groups of people to make a claim against an estate if they can show that the deceased did not make 'reasonable provision' for them in the will.
By Angus Walker
Today's entry reports on the first example of compulsory pre-application consultation being applied to projects below the thresholds in the Planning Act 2008.
By Emily Murray
On Friday, the House of Commons Transport Committee published its second report on HS2, titled High speed rail: on track? Committee members will be making a statement in the Commons on the report next Thursday, 19 December.
By Nicola Jordan
Our fourth and final blog (for now!) on documents deposited with the HS2 hybrid Bill takes a look at the Information Papers.
By Angus Walker
Today's entry looks back at the infrastructure planning developments of 2013.
By Angus Walker
Today's entry reports on the publication of the interim report of the Airports Commission.
By Tim Hayes
As promised in my last post, below is a very brief précis of how things will stand for employers or prospective employers of Romanian, Bulgarian and/or Croatian nationals as of 1 January 2014.
By Jennifer Chappell
Developers, estate agents and property lawyers should be on their guard when marketing or describing property for sale.
By Angus Walker
Today's entry reports on three significant developments affecting the Planning Act 2008 regime.
By Nicola Jordan
Our last blog entry focussed on the many documents making up the Environmental Statement (ES) which was deposited with the hybrid Bill last week.
By Angus Walker
Today's entry compares the Planning Act 2008 and hybrid bill regimes. Last Monday, the bill for the first phase of High Speed 2 was deposited in Parliament, and earlier this year the application for the Thames Tideway Tunnel was made under the Planning Act 2008 - two of the largest infrastructure applications ever made. How do the sizes of the applications compare, and what about the processes for deciding them?
By George Jack
The previous blog entry 21 touched upon the contents of Government’s latest attempts to persuade the public that HS2 is worth the money, in its publication ‘The Strategic Case for HS2’.
By Nicola Jordan
Our last blog focussed on the provisions contained within the Bill itself, but the Bill was deposited amongst a myriad of other documents which we have so far only touched on.
By Angus Walker
Today's entry is a round-up of news on nationally significant infrastructure project applications.
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