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By Chris Rumore
Taking the time to carefully negotiate and document conditions may avoid costly delays and disputes.
By Chris Rumore
The vendor's claim was unsuccessful, as the contract clause regarding payment of the other 5% constituted a penalty.
By Laura Driscoll
Victorian employers must enforce their risk management systems or face significant fines for breaching the OH&S Act.
By Robert Tuck
This judgment points to the advisability of cargo interests being proactive in dealing with container demurrage claims.
By Adam Meyer, Alistair Boughton
The Anshun principle of estoppel does not apply to prevent members raising individual defences in subsequent proceedings.
By Todd Neal, Cecilia Pascale
NSW experienced rapid and significant planning and environment changes and anticipates further legislative amendments.
By Todd Neal, Cecilia Pascale
The proposed changes have passed, and impose immediate and ongoing registration compliance burdens on foreign persons.
By Caroline Cohen
Universities should consider taking steps to mitigate their risk against any student claims of educational negligence.
By Antony Riordan, Isabella Johnston
The legislation will provide protection for certain subcontractors against unfair contract terms in standard contracts.
By Rebecca Castley
Landlords and tenants should consider the impact of the new laws about unfair terms in retail and commercial leases.
By Catherine Bell
An insolvent claimant in liquidation is precluded from relying on SoP Act procedures for recovering progress payments.
By Damian Clancy, Lachlan Boughton
The UK Supreme Court decision in Hayward is consistent with Australian settlement and fraud principles.
By Andrew Komesaroff, Andrew Probert, Victoria Walker
A director may be held personally liable for breach of duty, so taking steps to mitigate personal liability risk is key.
By Paul Bannon
The Federal Court's common fund order in the QBE class action could encourage open class proceedings.
By Todd Neal, Cecilia Pascale
Foreign persons with a "registrable water entitlement" or a "contractual water right" may need to register with the ATO.
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