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By Duane Keighran, Brendan Maier
Australian based foreign owned developers will receive this refund, if developed properties are sold within five years.
By Andrew Murray
The amendment acknowledges that a number of issues have arisen, which mean that it is prudent to delay its commencement.
By Brendan Maier, Steven Spyros
This Tax Integrity Proposal aims to stop developers setting up phoenix companies to avoid their GST obligations.
By Megan Kavanagh, Dean Cameron, Roxanne Hilton
Building contractors, building industry participants and their associated entities must be compliant by 31 August 2017.
By Brent Van Staden
All "related persons" should develop and implement an adequate due diligence, risk-assessment and management strategy.
By Melissa Fenton, Sydney Abba
This dependency claim under the CRA was not an "apportionable claim" within the meaning of the Civil Liability Act 2002.
By Damien Butler
This judge's reasoning regarding the liability of a liquidator might also apply to administrators and to receivers.
By Jon Meadmore, Melanie Williamson, Harriette Watson
This article explains laws in Queensland surrounding the industrial hemp industry for current or potential participants.
By Chris Rumore, Maryanne Pollifrone
An EPOA deals with your finances if you lose capacity or are unable to attend to finalising matters for yourself.
By Chris Rumore
In NSW, an AOEG deals with medical decisions made on your behalf when you no longer have the capacity to do so yourself.
By Andrew Komesaroff, Melanie Williamson
This case demonstrated the importance of drafting clear and concise restraint of trade clauses in commercial agreements.
By Todd Neal, Emma Whitney
NSW environmental authorities are not required to give notice of entry prior to entering the land for an investigation.
By Paul Bannon, Rebecca Hosking, Briarna Stiff
Parties who wish to draw a Jones v Dunkel inference should ensure they plead and/or particularise their case clearly.
By Stuart Hetherington
The first instance finding that the port was unsafe was overturned on appeal and confirmed by the UK Supreme Court.
By Daniel Creasey
Victorian legal practitioners acting pro bono in successful matters can now recover costs from unsuccessful parties.
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