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By Paul O'Halloran
On 1 July 2017, a range of monetary changes to workplace laws commenced, that will impact all employers in Australia.
By Megan Kavanagh, Caitlin Divani, Anisa Memari
Employees and their employers should review the impact of the changes on their current working and hiring arrangements.
By Mark Morgan, Rhett Oliver, Hailey Edwards
Online settlements are managed by PEXA (Property Exchange Australia), which has operated a settlement process since 2015.
By Megan Kavanagh, Emily McRae
The FWC found that employee dismissal was not an appropriate disciplinary response for a single instance of misconduct.
By Megan Kavanagh, Emily McRae
After finding significant underpayments and sham contracts, other popular franchisees have been investigated by the FWO.
By Megan Kavanagh, Emily McRae
The FWC permitted the regional director of a successful real estate business to apply for an unfair dismissal remedy.
By Megan Kavanagh, Emily McRae
A recent decision by the Fair Work Commission held that directors can seek protection under federal anti-bullying laws.
By Mathew Deighton, Joey McKenzie
This recent decision introduced the use of technology assisted review (TAR) for managing civil litigation in Australia.
By Chris Rumore, Maryanne Pollifrone
An Executor is appointed by a will maker to carry out the terms of a will, and that is generally when the role ends.
By Michael Finney
Potential cyber risks and ASIC's increased vigilance mean that company directors can no longer delegate cyber security.
By Michael Finney
The cases indicate the importance of getting administrative details correct when registering for the R&D tax incentive.
By Greg Begaud, Julian Mellick
Practical completion (PC) occurs on the date a certificate of PC is issued by the Superintendent and cannot be backdated.
By Mathew Deighton, Alice Blackburn
The Court considered a local authority's liability when a motorcyclist collided with a council installed traffic barrier.
By Chris Rumore
Developers should be aware that an updated certificate must be applied for in the event that a project is delayed.
By Carolyn Wait
This case is also a reminder that insurers should ensure that their policies, with defined terms, are clearly drafted.
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