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By Todd Neal, Cecilia Pascale
Foreign persons with a "registrable water entitlement" or a "contractual water right" may need to register with the ATO.
By Tim Seton, Lachlan Tassell
Correspondence alleging intellectual property infringement must be carefully drafted to avoid making unjustified threats.
By Carlos Gouveia
These rulings will affect foreign investors' acquisition of residential land in both these two states.
By Andrew Murray
These strata schemes management changes will affect many residential building industry standard practices in NSW.
By Todd Neal, Cecilia Pascale
The NSW government aims for more clarity around the wind farm development process by its Wind Energy Planning Framework.
By Andrew Tulloch
When two policies had an "other insurance" clause, they cancelled each other, so the insured could elect which policy.
By Andrew Tulloch, Stuart Hetherington, Stephen Thompson, Andrew Probert, Greg McCann, Lachlan Boughton, Marguerite Donaldson, Caitlin Divani
Local and international news about shipping, aviation, rail and road transport.
By Stuart Unwin, Cameron Brown
Defendants must take appropriate formal steps in third party proceedings as mandated by UCPR.
By Andrew Tulloch, Marguerite Donaldson
We discuss Robinson Helicopter Company Incorporated v McDermott [2016] HCA 22 .
By Faith Laube
Australian Consumer Law modifications will affect contractors of all sizes.
By Louise Thompson
The process in debt recovery proceedings is driven by rules and regulations that are specific to each Court and state.
By Amanda Ryding, Laura Reisz
The law regarding the extent to which employers are vicariously liable for wrongful acts by an employee has been unclear.
By Andrew Komesaroff, Yehuda Orelowitz
Australian government funding will provide tax and financial incentives for research and business opportunities.
By Caitlin Divani
Queensland's new system for the regulation of domestic vessels allows for nation-wide consistency on marine safety.
By Todd Neal, Emma Whitney, Cecilia Pascale
The case is a reminder that following correct modification procedure will ensure that proper jurisdiction is enlivened.
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