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By Gus Sellitto
The broadcast media is the first to react to news developments which means that requests for interviews can come in suddenly and that you will often have little time to prepare.
By Richard Elsen
Almost every day there seems to be yet another high profile employment case in the newspapers. Why is this? Well, firstly there are more cases going through the Employment Tribunals (ETs), where an increase of 15% was recorded in the most recent figures published.
By Gus Sellitto
What makes an excellent advocate? What is that separates the excellent advocate from the average advocate, where those two advocates were called to the Bar at the same time and where they both share the same level of experience and have similar academic backgrounds?
By Richard Elsen
One of the consequences of Lord Woolf’s reforms of 1999 has been a dramatic rise in the use of litigation public relations as a strategic tool in civil cases that go to trial.