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The Executive Summary (or Project Summary) is not only a synopsis of the most important parts of the business plan and project, but it is in fact your plan in miniature form. Brevity is the key word in presenting a summary of your business plan. It
By Ansel Narinesingh, Ansel Narinesingh
It is said that confession is good for the soul. So, as we move forward during this new century, we should, as businessmen and consultants, take the time to contemplate our role as leaders and decision makers.
The process of raising capital for a business venture, whether in the start-up or growth stage, is not easy. Identifying and attracting financial partners or sources of financing, meeting funding criteria laid down by lenders, and understanding new and creative financing methods, will allow you to better estimate your project’s capital requirements in the short term and plan for sustainable growth in the long term.