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By James Thompson
Digital is growing at an exponential rate and businesses that have been slow to embrace advances in technology are now in a race against time to ensure they remain competitive in an increasingly automated...
By Stuart Wright
The NHS provides highly specialised and energy intensive hospital services to more than one million people every 36 hours.
By Damian Hales, Tom Clifford, Edward Venter
Banks are confronted by an ever increasing volume of compliance challenges. These challenges are fuelled by an increase in analytical complexity associated with regulatory and accounting requirements.
By Jemma Venables
Businesses are under increasing pressure to innovate to survive. Innovation in many businesses is no longer a trendy nice-to–have, but something that is now essential to strategy and organisational change.
By Deloitte Technology, Media & Telecommunications Industry Group
Cybersecurity is rising up the priority scale in today's technology-driven world. Demonstrate that your networks are robust and you will build your customers' trust.
By Lyndsay MacGregor
Over the past 15 or so years, we have seen many hundreds of companies implement equity incentives using ‘Growth Shares'.
By Aarti Balakrishnan, Ali Raza
50% of operating model changes1 today are focussed on adoption of Agile and DevOps delivery models.
By Mina Hinsch
Earlier this year we published our report, At a tipping point? Workplace mental health and wellbeing.
By Karen Taylor
In November 2016 we published our report, Primary Care Today and Tomorrow; Adapting to survive, which highlighted the growing number of challenges facing primary care, including the fact that funding has fallen...
By David Strachan, Cindy Chan, Paul Caccavale, Valeria Gallo, Ruth Leslie
In our report "The next frontier - the future of automated financial advice in the UK", published in April, we noted that a key regulatory challenge for firms in providing automated advice is understanding...
By Leonie Oliva, Jeremy Castle, Adam Donovan
Sadiq Khan has published the final version of his affordable housing and viability supplementary planning guidance (SPG).
By Karen Taylor
Last weekend, for all intents and purposes, was a quiet weekend in the middle of August; Parliament was in recess and most healthcare commentators were taking the opportunity to enjoy a well-earned summer break, and then ...
By David Sproul, Andrew Orr
Builder, ballet dancer, lawyer, nurse. Each profession triggers a very different image in our minds and, perhaps, a different gender.
By Mark Cankett, Amber Andrade, Gabriela Rodriguez Elesgaray
Earlier this year1 we shared our comments on the level of provisioning seen in Europe's largest banks (by balance sheet size)2, based on the 2015 reporting year.
By Rudolf Janssen, Hugh Pickering
When family enterprises undergo successful and sustainable change during times of generational transition, we find that there are three important phases that they must go through, which we refer to...
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