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By DPS Parmar
Selection invention is not separately defined in the Indian patent law. Selection patents are not limited to chemical and pharmaceutical field only, they are found in other technological areas, such as engineering, biotechnology, material science and telecommunications.
By Manisha Singh
The Annual Report released by the CGPDTM of India for the financial year 2016-2017 demonstrates remarkable achievements and progress in terms of delivery of IP services,digitization and streamlining procedures.
By Aprajita Nigam, Manisha Singh
The Annual Report of the Office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks (CGPDTM) for the year 2016-2017 demonstrates dramatic achievements ...
By LexOrbis  
Are you an individual inventor who's trying to bring change to the environment and the society though tech-innovation?
By Dinesh Kumar Sharma, Aniruddh Singh
Indian courts have discussed the legal position concerning construction of claims and summarized the principles of claim construction in several cases, but the limiting effect of preambles is yet to be specifically tested in a court in India
By Pankaj Musyuni
Collaboration between academics and industry can play a vital role in developing nascent technologies and have a positive impact on business and the economy.
By Abhigyan Ashok
"Equity aids the vigilant, not those who slumber on their rights" means a person who has been wronged must act promptly to preserve their rights.
By Pankaj Musyuni
Protecting innovations at every stage of their life-cycle is of utmost importance for all startups. Patents are one way to do this. Patents are exclusive intellectual property rights (IPR) ...
By Joginder Singh
Indian Patent law in the year 1972 originally defined the term ‘invention' as "any new and useful art, process, method or manner of manufacture, machine, apparatus or other article, substance produced by...
By Gautam Kumar
Product packaging and visual impression of any product which is to be launched in the market, has become one of the most decisive factors regarding how well the product will attract the attention of the prospective consumers.
By Omesh Puri
Protecting graphical user interface (GUI) through design registration is still a grey area in India. Although the Indian Design Office follows the classification which has class 14-04 for screen displays or icons ...
By Omesh Puri
India, being a common law country, recognises the superior trademark rights through prior use against the statutory rights obtained through Registration. Relying on this, the Delhi High court has recently confirmed the preliminary injunction against Lupin in a suit for infringement and passing off filed by Sun Pharma.
By Dheeraj Kapoor, Shilpi Jain
Supreme Court decisions in 2017 were instrumental in shaping India's evolving trademark law.
By Naman Jain
In a recent case Verizon Trademark Services LLC (Plaintiff) &Ors v. Mr. Parth Solanki &Anr (Defendents) reported in 2018 (73) PTC 192 [DEL] ...
By Rahul Sharma
A right to claim priority from an as-filed application is not just restricted to an applicant of the Priority application, but may be also availed by ‘another/different' applicant for the purposes of filing a later application claiming priority from the priority application.
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