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By Gaurav Arora
This article is a follow up to my article: ‘Need Soft Patents for Software Inventions'; in fact, it is one in the series analysing the patentability of ‘computer related inventions.'
By LexOrbis  
The Office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks (CGPDTM) recently released its Annual IP Report highlighting the various activities undertaken by Indian IP offices during the year 2015-16.
By Gaurav Arora
The objective behind the establishment of patent offices around the world has been to implement a mechanism for incentivizing innovation.
By Aprajita Nigam, Dheeraj Kapoor
A recent news item in glaring limelight has raised a significant IP issue.
By Neetu Kumari
Rich and varied biodiversity, accompanied by an extensive traditional and contemporary knowledge system makes India one of the most diverse nations in the world in this regard.
By Ravi Aggarwal
India Patent Examination works on the concept of the deferred examination system.
By Shilpi Jain
Colours are often used by businesses to distinguish their goods and services, whether by use on products itself, on the packaging or in advertising material.
By Raashi Jain
The Rubik's Cube, invented by Ernő Rubik in 1974, has been a source of endless enjoyment (for some) and frustration (for most).
By Pankaj Musyuni
Patent prosecution plays an important role in determining the legitimacy of a patent, and there is a never-ending debate on what exactly comprises an inventive step.
By Rahul Sharma
Divisional patent applications refer to patent applications that are divided out of an initially filed application (also referred as the main or parent patent application).
By Raashi Jain
In the twenty-first century, internet has become an integral part of life.
By Shilpi Jain
It is globally accepted that protection will be granted for a particular colour or combination of two or more colours only when it acts as a source identifier...
By Gaurav Arora
At the outset, I would take this opportunity to congratulate the Indian Patent Office for coming up with the guidelines for 'Computer Related Inventions (CRI).
By Preeti Tyagi
Most of the inventions relating to medical device or an implant face the litmus test –"method of treatment" objection during prosecution by Indian Patent Office.
By Joginder Singh
After becoming a party to the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of IP Rights (TRIPs...