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By Abhai Pandey, Rajeev Kumar
The qualification documents are also identified in the new Form 28 proposed under the draft Rules.
By Abhai Pandey, Joginder Singh
The explanation appended in the draft Rules clearly lay down that condition.
By Rahul Sharma, Charul Yadav
Top legal experts in India provide an exclusive insight into the country's patent prosecution and litigation strategy for 2018
By Aprajita Nigam, Mahima Madan
Cognizability is one of the various kinds of classifications pertaining to offences
By Abhai Pandey
On September 10, 2018, the Government of India issued an Office Memorandum directing the National Biodiversity Authority to enhance the implementation of the provisions of the Indian Biological Diversity Act, 2002.
By DPS Parmar
Getting caught in the infringement imbroglio at times is not only taxing but also a painful experience.
By LexOrbis  
With more than Twenty Seven million cases pending in the subordinate Courts across the country, there is a need to look beyond the traditional methods.
By LexOrbis  
India is one of those countries where local inventors are supposed to obtain permission[1] from its national Patent Office to either file ...
By LexOrbis  
In recent times, different companies and proprietors have been employing new branding techniques that utilize non-traditional marks such as color ...
By LexOrbis  
If this is not done, the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks has the right to disregard the priority of the application.
By Rajeev Kumar, Pankaj Musyuni
India has a well-established judicial system to work out an effective intellectual property (IP) ecosystem.
By Dheeraj Kapoor, Aprajita Nigam
The word "original" has not been defined in the Copyright Act, 1957 ("the Act"), but has derived its connotation through case laws.
By LexOrbis  
One of most controversial provisions of the Copyright Act, 1957, states that copyright in any design that could be registered under the Designs Act, 2000.
By DPS Parmar
The public participation in the process of the examination of the patent application is as old as French patent system of 1700.
By DPS Parmar
In an interesting development, on April 9, 2018, the Controller of Patents, Patent Office, Delhi revoked a patent (IN251037) owned by J.C. Bamford Excavators Ltd.
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