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By Gaurav Arora
At the outset, I would take this opportunity to congratulate the Indian Patent Office for coming up with the guidelines for 'Computer Related Inventions (CRI).
By Preeti Tyagi
Most of the inventions relating to medical device or an implant face the litmus test –"method of treatment" objection during prosecution by Indian Patent Office.
By Joginder Singh
After becoming a party to the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of IP Rights (TRIPs...
By Aprajita Nigam
Fashion Industry is an international multi-billion pound business whose economic and social significance is incontrovertible around the world.
By Omesh Puri
Section 27 of the Indian Contract Act explains that every agreement by which anyone is restrained from exercising a lawful profession...
By Daksh Kumar
Freedom of speech and expression over the internet influence the entire online community...
By Dinesh Kumar Sharma
The government has recently taken several measures to strengthen the procedure of the IP offices and make them more transparent, including by amending the Patents Rules 2003...
By Dinesh Kumar Sharma
Section 48 of the Patents Act, 1970 prescribes the rights of patentees, which on conferment of patent, vest exclusively in the patentee.
By Omesh Puri
A trade mark with the status of a "well-known" significantly improves the extent of protection as it provides the proprietor, the exclusive right to the trade mark against all unlawful users thereof, regardless of the differences in the field of business, goods or services.
By Dinesh Kumar Sharma
As the patent infringement matters often involve complex technologies and huge amounts at stake, it not just requires exercise of sound judicial wisdom by the Courts but also unswerving standards to be followed by them . . .
By Raashi Jain
For the proper functioning of a democratic country, it is imperative that information pertaining to the government is accessible to citizens.
By Hrishikesh R. Chaudhury
The Biological Diversity Act (the BD Act) was enacted with the objective to provide for conservation of Biological Diversity, sustainable use of its components and fair and equitable sharing of the benefits ..
By Sahil Pahwa
The National Biodiversity Authority (hereinafter referred to as "NBA") and State Biodiversity Boards (hereinafter referred to as "SBB") are established to deal with matters relating to implementation of the Act and the Rules.
By Pankaj Musyuni
Considering the Indian pharmaceutical industry is the third largest industry in terms of output, it is necessary to understand the regulatory scenario for the pharma sector...
By Divya Srinivasan
The Havana Club trademark dispute between United States and Cuba has been one of the most prolonging, controversial and potentially acrimonious cases for the World Trade Organization (WTO) till date.