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By Omesh Puri
It is no doubt that YEZDI motorcycles are still very popular and are available for resale in the after sale market and there are number of YEZDI fan and bike clubs in existence in several cities of India.
By Raashi Jain
In the past few years, this seems to have become a mantra for businesses.
By Dheeraj Kapoor
The Apex court's decision of December 14, 2017 in the case of Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha v Prius Auto Industries Ltd & Ors (Civil Appeal Nos. 5375-5377 of 2017) affirming the decision...
By Pankaj Musyuni
The standards for meeting patentability criteria under the Patents Act 1970 are emphasised to reward the contributors of an invention.
By DPS Parmar
Bio-printing refers to the 3D printing technology for printing living tissues, growing new organs, and specially growing a human kidney instead of harvesting or transplanting.
By Dinesh Kumar Sharma
Grant of patents to be subject to certain conditions.
By Omesh Puri
Relying on the Supreme Court's judgment in Anand Prasad Agarwalla v Tarkeshwar Prasad (2001 5 SCC 568), the Delhi High Court recently noted that, when deciding whether to grant an injunction application,...
By Dheeraj Kapoor
Since 2012 the book authored by Singh had been published by the company's key publishing house and sold and marketed by the company.
By DPS Parmar
Financial method and business method patents seemingly refer to the same subject matter of inventions in patent law.
By Rajeev Kumar
The filing of patents to obtain the exclusive rights includes numerous aspects for the validity of the application, apart from the patentability criteria.
By Omesh Puri
"Shape of goods" has always been a fascinating subject matter for both IP protection and enforcement.
By Neha Manoria
The IPR policy launched by the Indian government in 2016 under Start-up India program has seen considerable success, with several start-ups filing patent applications under SIPP scheme...
By Rahul Sharma
Often, after filing a patent application, improvements, additional uses and refinements surface.
By Aprajita Nigam
Every day, news reports evidence the ubiquitous and perilous nature of digital piracy.
By Aniruddh Singh
Counterfeiting is not restricted to any one jurisdiction.
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