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By Peter Higgins, Peter Higgins
Our corporate assets are under attack by a continuous barrage of new laws, new employees, new competitors and new exploits. Business survival in the next decade will require a more effective and robust risk strategy to deter, detect and defend against a myriad of new threats to the organization.
By Peter Higgins
There is a growing threat on the business horizon. The risk of loss from inadequate or failed processes, people, and systems or from external events is taking executives by storm. This definition of Operational Risk also includes legal risk, which is the risk of loss from failure to comply with laws as well as prudent ethical standards and contractual obligations
By Peter Higgins
The modern enterprise that effectively manages the myriad of potential threats to its people, processes, systems and critical infrastructures stands to be better equipped for sustained continuity. A Business Crisis and Continuity Management (BCCM) program is a dynamic change management initiative that requires dedicated resources, funding and auditing. Corporate Directors must scrutinize organizational survivability on a global basis.
By Peter Higgins
In the converging world of information and physical security emerges a new risk element: managing "Security Governance."
By Peter Higgins
Operational risk is on shareholders minds. The topics of interest at last evening’s NACD – Capitol Area chapter event in McLean, VA included the state of the economy, the stock market and our outlook for the remainder of this year.