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By Linda Eketoft
In its most recent publication 'Recommendation on the development of recovery plans' published on on 23 January 2013, the European Banking Authority recommends major EU cross-border banking groups to develop recovery plans by the end of 2013.
By Nigel Grummitt
Despite the Chinese government's efforts to combat fraud and corruption, statistics emanating from Tsinghua University would suggest that fraud and kickbacks have totalled approximately 15% of China's GDP in the past decade.
If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. This is the old maxim that investors and regulators seem to have failed to appreciate with the $50 billion Madoff fund, the largest Ponzi scheme in history, a scheme that by its nature could only survive by paying returns out of new investors' monies.
Many European countries, together with the United States, have legal regulations governing an employee's right to file evidence of illegal or unethical behaviour that has come to the employee's attention as a result of his employment.
By Rosemary Blundell
The objective of the controlled foreign companies legislation is to tax profits which have been diverted from the UK into an overseas 'controlled' company, subject to a range of exemptions, including where HMRC accept the activities are genuine, and where the territory is on a white list.