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By Varsha Banerjee
The transition from a fragmented legal system to a unified Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016 (IBC) is marked by challenges to implement it effectively and expeditiously.
By Dhir & Dhir Associates
With the new governance ambience in the country, there have been a plethora of legal and regulatory amendments in order to keep up with the pace at which India is being pegged in terms of growth...
By KPS Kohli
With the promulgation of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 ("IBC"), India gains a comprehensive legislation which deals with insolvency and bankruptcy of companies, "LLPs", individuals and partnership firms.
By Nilesh Sharma
Undoubtedly, there is a fresh air and breather amidst the country's NPA clouds as the insolvency and bankruptcy menaces now look upto their new demigod – The IBC 2016 Code.
By Dhir & Dhir Associates
The lack of transparency and inefficiency in the real estate sector had created an immediate demand for a much more efficient and proper vigilance mechanism
By Dhir & Dhir Associates
While India Inc. has been bestowed with one of the much required and appreciated rules via the IBC 2016 code, there have been several questions that the industry has come up with.
By Alok Dhir, Bhuvan Arora
Until the recent past, the Indian legal framework, to deal with restructuring and insolvency was fragmented across multiple legislations viz. the Companies Act, 1956, the Sick Industrial Companies...
By Dhir & Dhir Associates
Etiquette, couture and attire are subtle indicators of erudition and professionalism, especially for lawyers.
By Dhir & Dhir Associates
This has adversely affected the economy at large leading to blockage in huge amounts of capital, which could be deployed for other productive purposes...
By Dhir & Dhir Associates
The Arbitral Tribunal had declined to grant the interim measures only on the ground that the respondent had got its reference registered with BIFR...
By Alok Dhir
India is heading towards a new era of dealing with insolvencies and bankruptcies, whether corporate or individual, by promulgating a comprehensive Insolvency & Bankruptcy code at par with global standards...
By Dhir & Dhir Associates
The industrial revolution has led to rapid escalation in global trade and commerce. To correspond with the economic growth and avoid prolonged litigation, the parties resort to arbitration...
By Dhir & Dhir Associates
March 2016, there has been no new reference in the year 2015–2016 as the lenders have resorted to alternative mechanisms of restructuring rather than CDR.
By Dhir & Dhir Associates
India is poised to emerge as the preferred destination for global bilateral trade and industry. The 'Make in India' campaign has garnered extensive attention in India as well as internationally.
By Dhir & Dhir Associates
For several years, the expatriates in India bore the brunt of being ineligible to the social security benefits.