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By Lee Reichert, Lee Reichert, Robert G. Fogler, Robert G. Fogler, Robert G. Fogler, Robert G. Fogler
As most Colorado attorneys know, there are very few cases addressing merger and acquisition issues under Colorado law. As a result, two recent appellate decisions regarding dissenters’ rights and break-up fees should prove to be quite instructive for companies engaging in M&A activities in Colorado.
During the past year, a number of high-profile trademark infringement and dilution cases have generated significant media attention. Whether it’s been Victoria’s Secret suing Victor’s Little Secret (which case ultimately went to the United States Supreme Court), Fox News trying to prohibit Al Franken from using the slogan "Fair and Balanced" on his book cover, or Club Med futilely attempting earlier this month to prevent the release of the low-brow movie "Club Dread," these cases have received