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By David A. Lewis, Mark D. Jackson
Anecdotally, the sentiment seemed to be that for, retail real estate in this region, the sun is still shining—for the moment.
By Marshall Senterfitt, Mark Swirbalus
The first two weeks of July have brought us some warm weather and three new decisions worth noting...
By Marshall Senterfitt, Mark Swirbalus
Two decisions issued in June will be of interest to probate litigators and estate planning lawyers.
By Marshall Senterfitt, Mark Swirbalus
On March 25, the First Circuit Court of Appeals issued a ruling in a breach of fiduciary duty case that turns, in part, on an analysis of the Supreme Judicial Court's 2014 decision on damages...
By Marshall Senterfitt, Mark Swirbalus
Andrew A. Caffrey served as counsel for an estate and filed a petition seeking legal fees pursuant to G.L. c. 215, § 39A.
By Alana Van der Mude, Jennifer Furey
3D printing, a seemingly futuristic method of manufacturing objects, is steadily moving into the mainstream as three dimensional printers have relocated from labs to the shelves of retail stores.
By Mark Swirbalus, Marshall Senterfitt
By way of background, the decedent died on February 25, 2000. While admitted to the hospital, the decedent communicated his testamentary wishes (i.e., who would get what) to a friend...
By Mark Swirbalus
In Sacchetti v. Sacchetti, Case No. 10-P-2200, 2012 Mass. App. Unpub. LEXIS 1000 (Sept. 24, 2012), a decision issued pursuant to Rule 1:28, the Appeals Court addressed cross-appeals from a judgment following the eleven-day trial of a dispute between father and son concerning the father’s assets.
By Mark Swirbalus
July was another quiet month in the sense that there were no decisions of note reported in Massachusetts.