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By Alan Edwards
The financial services industry is facing fundamental regulatory change. The ‘regulation minefield’ through which it must navigate itself will present extreme challenges to all players, hard on the heels of an economic recession and limited investment in the long term health of processes and infrastructure. CXOs are facing tough decisions as they strive to select the right strategic options that will equip them to chart the right course through the minefield.
By John Newton
As part of its agenda to modernise public services UK Government is proposing some very large IT-enabled change programmes. In his first of a series of white papers John Newton looks at the policy issues behind this and considers commercial techniques that could add value in helping Governments manage top-level policy risks.
By Simon Godfrey
In this paper Simon Godfrey highlights the enormous potential of mobile to improve service delivery. It examines issues around mobile deployment and suggests some answers. The paper does not analyse different mobile technologies ­ that has been done elsewhere ­ but illustrates why mobile e-government is not about technology, but informed business decisions
By David Kidd
By Ivan Hall
By Roy Bunyan
By Clive Keyte
By David Rosewell