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By Blakes Arbitration Group
The Blakes Arbitration group has a well-deserved reputation for effective, efficient and practical dispute resolution to shield you from risk and navigate complex situations.
By Birch Miller, Bruce Graham
On June 15, 2017, the SCC released its decision in Stewart v. Elk Valley Coal Corp. Stewart is a welcome decision for employers looking to improve and enforce alcohol and drug policies...
By Sean Boyle, Alexandra Luchenko, Marc Dumais
The Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) has released its priorities for 2018. The Priorities address issues related to policy development, enforcement and IIROC's...
By Ryder Gilliland
The plaintiffs sought an order compelling Experian to produce a copy of the Report.
By Sam Adkins, Sandy Carpenter, Roy Millen
BRFN relied on this statement in bringing its second injunction application in August 2016.
By Jacqueline Shinfield
As many professionals who follow Canadian anti-money laundering legislation are aware, on June 17 and June 30, 2017 respectively, new provisions of the Regulations under the Proceeds of Crime...
By Joseph Grignano, Jonathan Kahn, Tara Piurko, Grace Smith
Cannabis legalization has been in the spotlight since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau put the issue on the agenda as part of his 2015 campaign.
By Carrie Fleming, Jason MacIntyre, Jeremy Ungerman-Sears
On June 7, 2017, the federal government unveiled its new defence policy, outlining its plan to increase the annual defence budget by 73 per cent over the next decade, from C$18.9-billion in...
By Peter Keohane, Chris Harris, Jackie Anderson, Andrew Brier
On June 7, 2017, Bill 16, titled "An Act to Cap Regulated Electricity Rates" (Bill 16), received royal assent and is now law.
By Blakes Aviation & Aerospace Group
Currently, non-Canadians can only own up to 25 per cent of a Canadian air carrier. There are a variety of policy arguments that support such restrictions.
By Ross McKee, Stacy McLean, Gordon McKenna, Ralph Lindzon, Tim Phillips
The comment period is open until September 6, 2017.On June 8, 2017, the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) published for comment proposed amendments to Form 45-106F1...
By Dalton McGrath, Q.C., Michael McCachen, Michael O'Brien, Geoff Adair
The matter was initially heard over the course of a six-week trial.
By Wendy Mee, Tricia Kuhl
The suspension will be well received by businesses that have been struggling to understand and comply with the prescriptive requirements of this legislation.
By Daryl Cukierman, Noemi Blasutta
On May 23, 2017, The Changing Workplaces Review – Final Report (Report) was released, recommending major changes to the province's employment standards and labour relations legislation.
By Birch Miller, Bruce Graham
Significant changes to Alberta's workplace laws are coming. On May 24, 2017, the Alberta government introduced Bill 17 which proposes the biggest changes to Alberta's Employment Standards...
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