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By Natalie Bussière, Mike Siméon
The Quebec Court of Appeal has established that employees who terminate their employment relationship without notice may work for a competitor without necessarily violating their duty of loyalty.
By Dawn Jetten, Greg Kanargelidis, Roy Millen, Ora Morison, Vladimir Shatiryan
Canada, like other major jurisdictions, has a broad range of economic and financial sanctions targeting foreign states and their nationals, as well as various terrorist organizations.
By Blakes International Trade, Blakes Arbitration Group, Blakes Financial Services Group, Blakes Intellectual Property Group
On September 30, 2018, Canada and the United States announced that they, together with Mexico, agreed to a new trilateral trade agreement, which was signed on November 30, 2018.
By Anne Drost, Clémentine Sallée, Mathieu Nolin
Voluntary codes of conduct have become common (and even expected) practice as part of a broader corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy for companies across all industries.
By Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP
​Our latest Doing Business in Canada guide is designed to give those interested in expanding their business an overview of Canadian law ...
By Blakes Pensions, Benefits & Executive Compensation Group
If passed, Bill 57 will implement certain provisions of the Review, including amendments to the Pension Benefits Act (PBA), as summarized below.
By Amir Eftekharpour
The provisions of the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement's (USMCA) addressing intellectual property have attracted considerable attention due to their perceived impact on the Canadian legal...
By Dufferin Harper, Lindsey Mosher
On January 1, 2019, significant amendments to Alberta's Remediation Certificate Regulation will come into force. These include:
By Renee Reichelt, Alyssa Duke, Callin Sereda (Student-at-Law)
The Program attempts to simplify the reporting process, and provide rigorous protections for whistleblowers.
By Sandy Carpenter
Recently, Blakes Partner Sam Adkins and I commented on the Indigenous aspects of Bill 51, the proposed legislation to replace B.C.'s current Environmental Assessment Act (BCEAA).
By Holly Reid, Jordan Schubert
On November 21, 2018, the Ontario government passed the Making Ontario Open for Business Act, 2018, which introduces significant changes to Ontario's Employment Standards Act, 2000, Labour Relations Act, 1995 ...
By Joshua Hutchinson, Jenna Green (Student-at-Law)
On November 19, 2018, the Government of British Columbia introduced Bill 57
By Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP
On November 21, 2018, Canada's Finance Minister Bill Morneau presented the federal government's Fall Economic Statement (Statement), which includes significant tax changes that take effect immediately.
By Jennifer Shamie, Holly Reid, John Tuzyk
On November 15, 2018, the Ontario government introduced Bill 57, Restoring Trust, Transparency and Accountability Act, 2018 (Bill 57)
By Chris Nyberg
The Government of Ontario (Government) has released its much-anticipated cannabis retail licensing regulations (Regulations) that set out several of the requirements for parties seeking to enter the retail market.
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