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By Chinh H. Pham, Barbara A. Jones, Jonathan A. Beckham
Everybody is talking about blockchain as a disrupter in the banking and finance industries, but this emerging technology also has potential application for intellectual property (IP) protection.
By David G. Thomas, James P. Ponsetto
The Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act (Chapter 93A) protects consumers against unfair or deceptive business practices and allows consumers, under certain circumstances, to bring class actions...
By Donald S. Davidson
An increasingly common tactic among claimants' lawyers in FINRA arbitrations is to issue subpoenas to securities regulators, including FINRA itself, calling for the production of investigative files.
By Steven Barringer
On Wednesday, March 29, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published a notice in the Federal Register making available the first national Mercury Inventory. 82 Fed. Reg. 15522 (March 29, 2017).
By Jerrold F. Goldberg
In November 2015, the New York City Council's Committee on Civil Service and Labor began consideration of a bill to amend the DBSWPA so as to extend its coverage.
By Michele Stocker, Kimberly Mello
On Dec. 17, 2014, Florida's Third District Court of Appeal (Third District) issued its opinion in Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas v. Beauvais...
By Michael Pastore, James Ponsetto, David Thomas
Plaintiff class-action lawyers are invoking the Massachusetts Gift Certificate Statute as their latest vehicle to bring putative class action claims against companies.
By Yoram Keinan
As expected, on August 19, 2013 the Internal Revenue Service launched the web-based, registration system for financial institutions that need to register with the IRS under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act.
By Mark Leeds
There is an old saw that posits that good things and bad things both come in threes.
By Kevin Lashus
Yesterday, the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) released its December 17, 2010 report entitled, "Employment Verification: Federal Agencies Have Taken Steps to Improve E-Verify, but Significant Challenges Remain."
By G. Elings, Scott Gelin
The Internet has opened up a wealth of opportunities for counterfeiters. A comprehensive brand protection programme is necessary to combat the online sale of fakes before they can cause greater harm to your brand.
This chapter will focus on the sale of private companies from the seller’s perspective, and those things the seller’s counsel can do to contribute to a good result efficiently achieved. The essence of the role played by seller’s counsel is to act as the principal manager of the transaction. If an investment banker is involved, this role is shared with the banker. In order to serve in this capacity effectively, it is essential to have the confidence of the board and senior management and to know
By Peter M Gillon - Principal Shareholder, Peter M Gillon - Principal Shareholder
By Peter M Gillon - Principal Shareholder