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By Aadne Haga, Jon Rabben
The European Union recently introduced new legislation promoting the use of renewable energy, covering both the industrial and transportation sectors.
By Aadne Haga
Norway has great natural potential for windpower, although there are some particular technical difficulties. In this article, we outline the current regime and new opportunities provided by recent developments.
By B°rre Gunnerud, Dag Mjaaland
With the draft Act on Offshore Renewable Energy Production, submitted to the Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget) in June 2009, the Government takes an important first step in facilitating offshore renewable energy production
By Linn Hertwig Eidsheim
The successful development of wind farms is not only dependent on efficient technology and available wind resources. In the current market price scenario for electricity, and as discussed under separate heading in this Update, the availability of sufficient subsidies will be a key parameter.