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By Dr. Christina Scicluna
The MFSA has issued a consultation paper with the Financial Services Industry with Regards to the Virtual Financial Assets Regulations to be Issued under the Virtual Financial Assets Act which complements the newly approved Bills on Virtual Financial Assets.
By Dr. Christina Scicluna
The Maltese Parliament has yesterday, Tuesday 26th June unanimously approved three Bills during a second reading in Parliament as announced by Parliamentary Secretary for Digital Innovation Hon. Silvio Schembri.
By Dr. Jonathan Tonna
Some readers may be familiar with the 2011 case filed by Mr. Louboutin against fashion giants Yves Saint Laurent over the former's US trademark registration for his famous red sole.
By Dr. Christine Calleja
An employee of an Italian business posted a derogatory comment on Facebook about her employer, using her mobile phone, which read something along the lines of "I've had enough of this sh**** place", complaining about the ever-changing tasks being assigned to her
By Dr. Christine Calleja
By means of the amendments, harsher penalties were introduced in the case of harassment and victimisation in the employment context.
By Romina Bonnici
The withdrawal of the UK from the EU might have an impact on the solvency position of insurers and reinsurers.
By Dr. Petra Attard
On the 24th May, 2018, the European Commission tabled a proposal to the European Parliament and Council regarding the introduction of a number of amendments ...
By Dr. Jonathan Tonna
The spearhead of Malta's new three-pronged legal regime on innovative technology arrangements and cryptocurrencies, the Malta Digital Innovation Authority Bill, was presented to Parliament...
By Paul Felice
One of three recent and significant legislative developments in the field of blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology was presented by the Maltese Government for its second reading in Parliament.
By Dr. Giles Xuereb
The Maltese Government has presented the much-anticipated Virtual Financial Assets Bill for its second reading in Parliament.
By Dr. Christina Scicluna
The Maltese Government has presented the much anticipated Virtual Financial Assets Bill (the "Bill") for its second reading in Parliament. The
By Dr. Jonathan Tonna
Anybody with an acute sense of justice knows what intellectual property is, yet I daresay many IP lawyers can probably relate to the unique sense of embarrassment which typically follows that all too familiar question.
By Dr. David Tonna
In a decision issued yesterday morning, the General Court of the CJEU (EGC) approved the registration of a logo consisting of a shield motif with the letter "M" blazoned across the front...
By Kirk Brincau
The new provision explicitly enables and requires the consideration of multiple publications in a single court case.
By Dr. Christina Scicluna
The much awaited Bills which will implement a legal framework for DLT and cryptocurrencies, as anticipated by the Consultation Document on Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology and Virtual Currencies ...
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