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By Dr. Christine Calleja
Increased labour mobility within the European Union has led the European Commission to propose a European Labour Authority with the main objectives of ensuring easier access to information for individuals and employers.
By Dr. Jonathan Tonna
The second major substantive change is the extension of the functionality exclusion under A. 4(2) of the current Trademarks Act.
By Dr. Christine Calleja
The court concluded that a period of parental leave cannot be treated as a period of actual work for the purposes of determining the worker's entitlement to paid annual leave.
By Kevin Cutajar
Any lending of funds needs to be adequately secured.
By Dr. Veronica Grixti, Dr. Joshua Chircop
In a judgement presided by Mr. Justice Toni Abela, in the names Knightsbridge Developments Limited vs Citadel Insurance plc, the Civil Court, First Hall held that the principle of utmost good faith in insurance contracts applies ...
By Dr. Richard Camilleri, Dr. Annalies Muscat, Laura Spiteri
This procedure was deemed anti-constitutional in Federation of Estate Agents.
By Laura Spiteri
The EU's Special Committee on Agriculture supported the Commission's draft Directive.
By Mamo TCV Advocates
•Malta registered the highest fiscal surplus in the EU – Malta registered a surplus of €392.7 million, equivalent to 3.5% of GDP in 2017.
By Kirk Brincau, Michael E. Camilleri
A European Union national previously convicted and incarcerated for trafficking drugs challenged the decision given under the authority of the Director of Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs which had effectively limited his right to freedom of movement ...
By Dr. Annalies Muscat, Laura Spiteri
On the 8 October 2018, the Constitutional Court handed down its decision in Thake et vs Electoral Commission et. The main issue in this case was whether the procedure laid down in the Financing of Political Parties Act ...
By Dr. Joshua Chircop
The Voluntary Organisations (Amendment) Act, 2018 (the "Act") was promulgated on the 6th November, 2018 to amend the Voluntary Organisations Act.
By Warren Ciantar
The Orwellian 'Big Brother' analogy has been used ad nauseam and is very well-known among the general populace, often used in sensational headlines whenever any issue regarding privacy finds itself in the news.
By Dr. Christian Tonna
The 2018 amendments entered into force following publication in the Government Gazette of Malta and focused primarily on the investment requirement.
By Dorita Cardona, Dr. Joshua Chircop
There is a clear emphasis on creating a balance between Landlords and Tenants.
By Dr. Edmond Zammit Laferla, Dorita Cardona, Dr. Joshua Chircop
The market for higher educational institutions in Malta has increased exponentially in recent years.
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