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By Richard Epstein
Early in discovery, you recognize that an out-of-state nonparty witness has information you need for trial, including testimony that supports your case and/or provides a basis for admitting a crucial document into evidence.
By Gary Herschman, Anjana Patel
Recent enforcement actions taken by the federal government against health care industry executives (e.g., CEOs, general counsels, compliance officers and other senior executives) demonstrate that the government has a substantial interest in holding individuals liable for corporate wrongdoing
By Rachel Lamb
Prestige brands continue their epochal battle against piracy and counterfeiting in hopes of stemming both lost revenue and tarnished brand equity.
By George Hirsch, Robert Hempstead
After the savings & loan crisis of the early 1990s, and for much of the ensuing 15 years, the commercial mortgage industry experienced a proliferation of securitized mortgage lending, culminating in 2007 with the domestic issuance of nearly $230 billion of commercial mortgage backed securities ("CMBS").