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By Jonathan Martin
The defendant, Stuart Olson Dominion Construction Ltd (Stuart Olson), was the general contractor for the construction of a residential rental building, and plaintiff, Limen Forming West Ltd...
By Jonathan Martin
On September 18, 2017, the Court of Queen's Bench for Saskatchewan handed down its decision in Saskatoon Surgicentre Inc. v. Saskatoon Regional Health Authority.
By Tim McGurrin
Taxes are inevitable. In business transactions, strategic decisions are made to reduce or eliminate the amount of taxes paid.
By Rohit Kumar
The Ontario Business Corporations Act contains provisions creating what is referred to as an "oppression remedy." Generally speaking, this remedy allows shareholders, officers, and directors ...
By Rohit Kumar
Businesses should be aware of the Supreme Court of Canada's ground-breaking decision in Bhasin v. Hrynew, 2014 SCC 71, where two steps were taken to fundamentally change contract law in Canada.
By David Chodikoff
Bob Dylan wrote a song that had the phrase: "For the times they are a changing".
By Brian Kaliel Q.C.
A Justice of the Ontario Court of Justice has upheld a conviction of destroying a boundary tree without the consent of an adjoining land owner.
By Ron Choudhury
On September 8, 2017, the Department of Finance (Canada) ("Finance") introduced draft legislation deeming general partners of "investment limited partnerships" (a newly coined term) to be making ...
By Helen Friedman
By way of update, Skinner v. Board of Trustees of the Canadian Elevator Industry Welfare Trust Fund...
By Catherine Bate, Eugenia Bouras
Happy new year, indeed. As we first reported in a bulletin last year, Ontario is moving to ban the expiration of rewards points based on the passage of time, and implementing other controls...
By Philip Long, Pritika Deepak
On October 5, 2017, the securities regulatory authorities in all Canadian provinces and territories, apart from BC and Prince Edward Island, released their third annual review of women serving...
By Zeinab Yousif
In a recent decision, North v Metaswitch Networks Corporation, the Ontario Court of Appeal found that the employer could not rely on a severability clause in an employment contract to delete...
By Brian Kaliel Q.C.
The Manitoba Court of Appeal has dismissed an insurance company's application to dismiss the claims of a Manitoba hog farm which sustained property damage and a number of hog deaths...
By Adina-Cristina Georgescu, Fadi Amine
The expert's duty of impartiality and independence is well established in Quebec.
By Yannick Forget
Toute nouvelle construction entraîne son lot de désagréments pour les voisins.
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