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By Miller Thomson LLP
La Cour supérieure a dû déterminer, dans cette affaire, si le fait qu'un Surintendant change sa recommandation de suspendre ou de refuser une libération en cours d'argumentation ...
By Imran Ahmad
Imran Ahmad, Partner and National Leader of the Cybersecurity Law Practice at Miller Thomson LLP, evaluates how the privacy law landscape operates in Canada, how this relates to cyber security...
By Ivan Merrow, Ethan Campbell
In an effort to lead reform in the payment practices of the Federal bureaucracy, the Canadian Senate introduced prompt payment legislation under Bill S-224...
By Brian Kaliel Q.C.
The Courts have observed that Canada's Health of Animals Regulations, which are enforced by the CFIA, may sometimes operate in "draconian ways".
By James Prior
In this case, the plaintiff, a parishioner of the defendant church, volunteered to paint the church's interior walls and ceilings.
By Sarah Fitzpatrick
Charities are constantly looking for new ways to generate revenue to fund their existing and future charitable programs.
By Lampros Stougiannos
Most not-for-profit organisations (NPO) establish one or more committees to perform various roles.
By Paula Pettit
The Ontario Superior Court of Justice recently issued a decision with significant implications for employers seeking to implement random drug and alcohol testing.
By Miller Thomson LLP
Sun Life intente en 2005, un recours contre Technique Acoustique en vue de récupérer les sommes qu'elle a dû débourser pour la réparation d'un immeuble construit par la débitrice.
By Miller Thomson LLP
Indalex Limited (Indalex) était le constituant et l'administrateur de deux régimes de pension, soit l'un en faveur de ses employés (Régime Employés) et l'autre en faveur de ses employés dirigeants...
By Yannick Forget
Suivant l'article 1785 du Code civil du Québec, la vente de tout immeuble à usage d'habitation à une personne physique qui entend l'habiter, doit être précédée d'un contrat préliminaire entre le promoteur...
By Katie Lazier, Jane Loyer
On May 4, 2017, the Honourable Diane Lebouthillier, Minister of National Revenue (the "Minister"), issued a news release announcing the Panel Report (the "Report") released by the Consultation Panel...
By Robert Graham
Not just anyone can become a farmer; yet many Canadians aspire to transfer from their existing occupation into farming.
By Paul Brace, Veronica Choy
Canada's federal government has announced that it will launch the Global Skills Strategy (Strategy) on June 12, 2017.
By Ashleigh Leon
One of the more confusing aspects of adjusting an accident benefits claim is dealing with the numerous amendments to the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS).
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