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By Gerry Argento, LL.M.
Dans l'affaire récente Ville de Montréal c. Pomerleau, la Cour supérieure a rejeté une demande en dommages-intérêts présentée par la Ville de Montréal (ci-après la « Ville ») contre l'entreprise Pomerleau...
By Brian Kaliel Q.C.
A Justice of the Alberta Court of Appeal has granted leave to appeal a decision of a Subdivision and Development Appeal Board which overturned a development permit because of concerns with respect to the potential cumulative effects of an intensive farming operation.
By Lisa Spiegel
There is an exception for facilities that only provide counselling or referrals for these procedures.
By Karima Kanani, Jesstina McFadden
Miller Thomson's National Health Industry Group is pleased to announce the third edition of Essential Law for Social Work Practice in Canada.
By Sarah Fitzpatrick
Recently, Canada Revenue Agency ("CRA") released guidance on registered charities issuing receipts for cause-related marketing arrangements.
By Natasha Smith
Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (formerly Corporations Canada) has announced that all federally incorporated non-profits are required to receive their certificates of continuance...
By Nawaz Tahir
In the case of Kushnir v Macari, the defendant sought an order for defence medicals with an orthopedic surgeon and a neuropsychologist.
By Marie-Catherine Ayotte
Les municipalités jouissent d'une certaine latitude dans l'analyse de la conformité des soumissions qu'elles reçoivent dans le cadre d'appels d'offres publics.
By Miller Thomson LLP
On March 22, 2017, Minister of Finance Bill Morneau tabled the 2017 Federal Budget entitled "Building a Strong Middle Class".
By Miller Thomson LLP
The Federal Government of Canada tabled its 2017 Budget on March 22nd. The Budget was relatively thin compared to the last federal budget and did not contain significant tax changes across any sectors.
By Anna-Marie Musson
A new Vehicle Technology and Aviation Bill has been introduced in the U.K. to address some of the challenges arising with use of autonomous vehicles and which traditional insurance policies cannot respond to.
By Kelly Harris
Launched in June 2013, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)'s Food Labelling Modernization (FLM) initiative has been an ongoing project to overhaul food labelling in Canada.
By Nafisah Chowdhury
Another bonus-related case that warrants closer attention is Fraser v. Canerector Inc., 2016 ONSC 6071, a decision of the Ontario Divisional Court dealing with discretionary bonuses.
By Brian Kaliel Q.C.
A Justice of the New Brunswick Court of Appeal has granted a permanent injunction enjoining a cattle farmer from piling or spreading manure within 300 metres of a neighbouring land owners' residence;
By Ivan Merrow
The challenge was to come up with a goal to achieve by the end of the year that was challenging but not impossible.
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