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By Darren Olivier
A company's survival very often relies on its ability to protect its trade secrets.
By Leander Opperman, Melissa Croft
During August 2011 PAS Attorneys of Ermelo approached Leander Opperman to take over a case of professional negligence against the previous attorneys of one of his clients.
By Viwe Didishe
The Protected Disclosure’s Act is legislation which was enacted for purposes of affording protection to the proverbial whistleblowers in the workplace.
By Louis Van Der Walt
Mauritius is in the process of setting up a National Plant Varieties and Seeds Office that will regulate the cultivation, production, trade, export and import of seeds.
By Simon Brown, Megan Moerdijk
On 1 July 2013, the Republic of Croatia will become a full member of the European Union, which is thus enlarged to 28 countries.
By Pieter Visagie
A question that has received some attention and has elicited some debate recently, particularly since South Africa has joined the BRIC group of countries to form BRICS, is whether or not the South African Patent Office should implement substantive examination as part of its patent prosecution process.
By Jessica Axelson
The Kwazulu Natal High Court has been called upon to decide whether use of the mark BLACK KNIGHT by KZN Wines and Spirits CC for their whisky infringed Distell Limited’s registered trade marks KNIGHT’S GOLD and KNIGHTS label, for goods inclusive of whisky; and additionally whether KZN’s label getup constituted passing off.
By Dale Healy, Jani Cronje
A domain name offers a business an address in the global marketplace known as the internet.
By Darren Olivier
The advert below featured on Linkedin yesterday together with an article entitled "Dove uses Photoshop Trojan Horse to shame potential body-shamers".
By Liesl Brookshaw, Manisha Maganbhai-Mooloo
The ideals behind the enforcement of affirmative action in the workplace in South Africa, post-1994, are sound and understandable; however, there have been many challenges to overcome to ensure that the empowerment of the previously disadvantaged does not defeat the Constitutional right to equality.
By Adams & Adams
Section 217 (1) of the Constitution requires that, when organs of state contract for goods and services, they should do so in accordance with a system which is "fair, equitable, transparent, competitive and cost-effective".
By Alexis Apostolidis, Darren Olivier, André Visser
Business owners often find themselves struggling to protect their IP rights after having not taken appropriate preventative steps in the first instance.
By Danie Strachan
Franchising is a business model which has proved to be successful and is enjoying increasing popularity throughout the world.
By Adams & Adams
The capital of a successful business enterprise is generally composed of working capital, fixed assets and intellectual capital.
By Eugene Honey
Franchisors who fail to adhere to the CPA requirements regarding disclosure place their company at a substantial risk and may even find themselves facing stiff fines and/or imprisonment.