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By Gareth Roberts, Tracey Singlehurst-Ward
Argentinian footballing legend, Diego Maradona, has seen red and decided to sue the makers of Pro Evolution Soccer, Konami, for its unauthorised use of his name and likeness.
By Stephanie Eedy
Stephanie discusses the case of Jamie Yates v National Trust which looks at the duties of care owed by an occupier to his contractor's employees.
By Robert Phillips, David George
The current dispute between Fernhurst landowners and the energy company Celtique Energie has brought the process of fracking into the spotlight once again.
By Matthew Evans
A bitter dispute over an alleged Last Will and Testament of a British Marine killed in Afghanistan made the headlines and brought into sharp focus the unique and complex law surrounding wills for British service men and women.
By Matthew Evans
In the digital age an increasing amount of time and money is spent on the internet.
By Matthew Evans
Two draft bills published by the Law Commission could potentially change the rules that apply to the distribution of the estate of a person who dies intestate, that is, without a will.
By Matthew Evans
The Court of Appeal recently refused a widow permission to appeal against a first instance decision made by the Family Division of the High Court.
By Matthew Evans
The Supreme Court has recently handed down its much anticipated judgment in the case of Jones v Kernott [2011] UKSC 53.
By Matthew Evans
With many of us helping to care for older relatives, a joint account seems like a simple solution in order to help with weekly shopping and other tasks.
By Matthew Evans
Business Property Relief (BPR) applies to 'relevant business property' and acts to reduce the value of a property by up to 100%, for inheritance tax purposes.
By Matthew Evans
The first Legal Ombudsman report published in July 2011 reveals thousands of people may be receiving sub-standard services from unregulated companies offering consumer financial products.
By Matthew Evans
Partner at Hugh James solicitors, Matthew Evans, recently enjoyed a successful case in which a favourable decision for our client in Cardiff County Court was upheld in the Court of Appeal.
By Matthew Evans
Mr and Mrs Rawlings had identical wills prepared by their solicitor in which each left everything to the other. On the death of the survivor, the wills provided for everything to pass to Terry Marley, who they had treated as their son.
By Matthew Evans
New regulations for will writing services in England and Wales are being proposed after research from the Legal Services Board (LSB) showed that 20% of wills contained mistakes
By Matthew Evans
Agricultural Property Relief (APR) can operate to reduce the extent to which agricultural property is exposed to inheritance tax upon the death of the owner.