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By Darren Sherborne
Unreasonable delay has been examined in the Court of Appeal in terms of whether or not this creates a failure in the Statutory Dismissal Procedure.
By Adam Hiscox, Jon Close
Green issues are considered more, not less important, in times of economic stress. That is the announcement coming from shadow ministers this week.
By Darren Sherborne
Vulnerable workers are to benefit from increased protection following a crack down on employers who abuse staff and attempt to undercut other businesses.
By Darren Sherborne
In an Employment Appeal Tribunal case the EAT have concluded that where an employer stopped pay to an employee who was suspended prior to the conclusion of a Compromise Agreement, the date of termination was not the date when pay was stopped.
By Darren Sherborne
A fascinating case has emerged where the Prohibition on discrimination on the grounds of sexuality has clashed with the Rule prohibiting discrimination on the grounds of religion.
By Darren Sherborne
In an interesting development the GMB Union has lost in the Court of Appeal after a member pursued the Union for Indirect Sex Discrimination
By Darren Sherborne
The new ACAS Code on which consultation ended recently, has been criticised for being too complicated and hard to understand by small businesses.
By Darren Sherborne
A rather timely reminder in the Employment Appeal Tribunal has been issued in relation to consultation on redundancy and the considerations a Tribunal should have when looking at that consultation.
By Darren Sherborne
Last week also saw the publication of the Government's consultation paper focusing on amendments to the proposed Dispute Resolution Bill.