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By Ruth Meyer
A recent story on the BBC News website, regarding a man who was jailed for sharing his father’s industrial compensation, brought home the stark reality of how easily the situation could have been avoided just through seeking wealth protection advice.
By Emma O'Connor
In the last of our articles looking ahead at employment law in 2012, we focus on some of the employment changes which are still in the pipeline or under consultation; however, at this stage we have no concrete implementation dates.
By Barry Stanton, Shaista Ali
Many employers will agree with David Cameron, that a decade of Health and Safety rules and regulations intended to protect people have in fact simply overwhelmed businesses with extra red tape.
By Boyes Turner
More children in Britain live in single parent families than almost anywhere else in Europe, according to a recent survey.
By Caroline Wallis
As a first point of call for expert opinion on wills and probate issues for BBC Radio Berkshire, Boyes Turner’s Wealth Protection expert Caroline Wallis has once again appeared on the Andrew Peach show as an expert commentator.
By Emma O'Connor
As part of our look ahead at some of the Government’s proposed changes to employment law, we consider planned changes to the Employment Tribunal Service.
By Robert Daniel
If you are the tenant of a building and have been late paying rent at any time during the lease - even if by just one day – you may find you can not validly exercise your break clause and will be liable for the full rent until the end of the lease.
By Emma O'Connor
This year is another bumper year for employment law changes. In a series of articles we look at the key changes for employers in 2012, planned changes to Employment Tribunal practice and procedure and further employment law developments still in the pipeline.
By Derek Ching
One of the Government’s measures to improve levels of activity in the housebuilding industry is the "Get Britain Building" programme under which £420 million is earmarked for unlocking development on stalled sites with existing planning consent for new housing.
By David Blomfield
Back to work as the festive season slips into the past, recovering from holiday hangovers, plagued by wintery grey skies, the realisation of money spent and waiting for a payday that takes forever to arrive... It is no surprise then that January is considered one of the most depressing months of the year!
By John Starr
We wrote, in July last year, about the case of Lanes Group plc –v- Galliford Try Infrastructure Ltd, where an adjudicator’s decision had been declared a nullity on the grounds of apparent bias.
By John Starr
It may have gone unnoticed by some in the construction industry, but HMRC very nearly pulled a fast one over the summer.
Lord Young has published his report "Common sense, common safety", which outlines recommendations which he believes will improve health and safety procedures in workplaces.
By David Blomfield
An estimated 140 million days lost as long term sickness absence costs the UK almost £9 billion each year.
By Barry Stanton
The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has set new compensation limits which will come into effect from 1 February 2012.