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By Kathryn Pacey, Nicole Besgrove
The Planning Act sets out new powers for the Minister, but much of the fine detail will be in a future regulation.
By Nicole Besgrove, Karen Trainor
The triggers for assessment of development that may impact on listed heritage places in Queensland have been expanded.
By Mark Friezer, Jonathan Slater
The ATO is doing a good job in trying to revisit how it delivers guidance to ensure it is provided on a timely basis.
By Nicole Besgrove, Margaret Michaels
The review will examine the application, assessment and approval processes for identified NT water extraction licences.
By Brett Doyle
Before manufacture and sale of any new products, a trader should complete intellectual property or internet searches.
By Nicole Besgrove, Margaret Michaels
The Northern Territory Government is considering a new environmental law and an overhaul of many existing procedures.
By Adrian Kuti, Sunita Kenny
This case was a significant win for the ACCC, which advocates for increased penalties for consumer law contraventions.
By Mark Geritz
The Bill to amend the Native Title Act is expected to be introduced, so it should be passed and be in effect very soon.
By Mary Still
Digital data streaming might be commercially valuable, but it isn't a cinematograph film under the Copyright Act.
By Shae McCartney, Jessica Tinsley
Construction firms should review and re-negotiate their current enterprise agreements to win Commonwealth-funded work.
By Michael Corrigan, Alexander Vial
The decision in ACCC v Reckitt Benckiser certainly suggests that larger penalties may be awarded in future cases.
By Mark Geritz
The ramifications of this decision appear to go well beyond ILUAs, extending into every aspect of native title law.
By Peter Feros, Allan Blaikie
The ATO has kicked off 2017 with a Taxpayer Alert TA 2017/1, which states it will be targeting certain stapled groups.
By Kathryn Pacey, Adeline Brosnan
The Guideline aims to provide more certainty in the decision-making process for issuing an EPO to a "related person".
By Cain Sibley, Ken Powell
Information is not necessarily "about an individual" simply because a person's identity can be ascertained from it.
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