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By Geoff Hoffman
Start-ups and other eligible companies should review their funding plans, ready for the new crowd-sourced funding regime.
By Michael Corrigan, Sian-lee Ooi
The NZ Commerce Commission blocked a proposed merger that would bundle Pay TV rights with telecommunications services.
By John Collins
It was unusual that Bayer elected to seek damages for patent infringement, rather than an account of profits.
By Andrew Norman
A lease of "industrial" premises was found to be a retail premises lease subject to protections in the Retail Leases Act.
By Timothy Webb, Sumer Dayal
The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration and the US Food & Drug Administration have both addressed this issue.
By Brad Wylynko
Injurious affection compensation for a planning scheme reservation is not available to subsequent purchasers in WA.
By Owen Hayford
Estoppel can provide a remedy if they prove the tender process was not conducted fairly, or in accordance with the RFT.
By Christy Miller, Jessica Tinsley
The NSW Court of Appeal quashed a landmark decision that saw an aircraft accident survivor awarded compensation for PTSD.
By Kathryn Pacey, Nicole Besgrove
Compensation arrangements for planning changes that reduce the value of land are referred to as adverse planning changes.
By Lana Kelly
Considering costs issues early in the process of seeking injunctive relief can facilitate more efficient recovery.
By Alexandra Wedutenko, Catherine Whitby
Good version control, proper reviewing, and clear lines of responsibility will help ensure you sign the final contract.
By Michael Corrigan, Sunita Kenny
The ACCC released its Annual Airport Monitoring Report which examines conditions - and prices - at Australia's airports.
By Nicole Besgrove, Margaret Michaels
The NT inquiry into hydraulic fracturing of onshore unconventional reservoirs commenced hearings and community meetings.
By David Benson, Sam Fiddian
It will soon be mandatory to notify the OAIC and any potentially affected individuals of an "eligible data breach".
By Ruth Thevathasan
The employee, defined as a "casual" under his enterprise agreement, was a permanent employee under the Fair Work Act.
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