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By Timothy Webb
This article discusses how cybersecurity is an issue in health care since much of our information is being digitalised.
By Kathryn Pacey, Jake Williams
The reform of Queensland's current financial assurance and rehabilitation framework for resource activities has begun.
By Peter Sise
Higher penalties and expanded protections could be on the way, if these CAANZ recommendations of are implemented.
By Christy Miller, Jessica Tinsley
International employers with a mobile workforce and competitors in Australia can take comfort from this initial decision.
By Scott Crabb
Sensible and practical steps should help your business to reduce the risk of disputes from arising in the first place.
By Scott Crabb, Lauree Coci
Businesses with "refer a friend" marketing campaigns should ensure that the friends actually consent to being contacted.
By Dean Gerakiteys
A justifiable and clear explanation must be given to the offeror as to the reasons why the offer is to be rejected.
By Ken Ooi, Samy Mansour, Simon Brady
Foreign investors and infrastructure owners should follow these developments in Australia's foreign investment framework.
By Mary Still, Dean Gerakiteys
The TGA has released a consultation paper for stakeholders detailing proposed amendments to the Therapeutic Goods Act.
By Nikki Robinson
The 2017 Federal Budget imposes a 50% cap on the sale of new apartments to foreign purchasers in a development.
By Xavier McMahon, Jake Williams
Developers who require changes to their applications or approvals should familiarise themselves with the new processes.
By Ian Bloemendal, Nick Josey
Restaurants should ensure their employment contracts are clear about the ownership of recipes created in their kitchens.
By Karen Trainor, Mark Geritz, Jake Williams
Queensland will be making significant changes to the workplace and environmental frameworks for resources projects.
By Jonathan McTigue, Lisa Vo, Allison Van Beers
The conventional view is that an unconditional bank guarantee to secure performance of a contract operates autonomously.
By Steven Klimt
The Government announced a broad package of measures described as "a more accountable and competitive banking system".
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