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By Frank Bannon
Non-jurisdictional errors of law, no matter how significant, will not invalidate an adjudication determination in NSW.
By Hedy Cray
The new collective bargaining framework has the potential to significantly impact public sector bargaining processes.
By Hedy Cray, Laura Hillman
Employers should carefully consider the wording of employment contracts and policies, and ensure staff understand them.
By Frank Bannon
A "reference date" is a precondition to making a valid payment claim under the SOP Act 1991 (NSW).
By Graham Taylor, Samy Mansour, Ken Ooi
Australia is deeply integrated with international markets and changes to global commerce have significant implications.
By Linda Evans, Sian-lee Ooi
The COAG Energy Council Ministers have asked to bring forward the Vertigan recommendations for commencement in May 2017.
By Linda Evans, Sian-lee Ooi
We should see more details of the amended Limited Merits Review regime in 2017, and a consultation process is likely.
By Eleanor Dickens
Agencies should participate in this review into public information management by identifying and making submissions.
By Nathan Moy, Ben Kelly
Employers should exercise caution when relying on an employee's criminal convictions for disciplinary proceedings.
By Jennifer Harris, Nikki Robinson
The Greater Sydney Commission is calling for submissions to inform the next iteration of the draft District Plans.
By Peter Sise
Marked-down prices for sales can give rise to some complicated legal issues if they take the form of "was/now" pricing.
By Cameron Gascoyne, Zoe Giffard
The case shows the importance of being vigilant and acting promptly to minimise the risk and impact of information theft.
By Hedy Cray
The Industrial Relations Act passed with limited amendments, but brings significant changes and new responsibilities.
By Michael Corrigan
The Flight Centre decision could impact any price parity / MFN clauses and many principal / agent relationships.
By Margaret Michaels, Nicole Besgrove
Until the independent inquiry is completed, a moratorium on fracking in the Northern Territory will remain in place.
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