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By Mihkel Wilding, Alexander Vial
The Federal Court has provided its first sentencing remarks for this breach of the CCA criminal cartel provisions.
By Saul Harben, Anna Casellas
This announcement marks the start of a lengthy two-year consultation period with stakeholders to overhaul WA's OHS laws.
By Nick Thomas, Alison Packham
Both the new operator and the previous operator of an abattoir were fined in relation to a single pollution incident.
By Michael Corrigan
In aiming to reinstate the ACCC's monopoly in merger approvals, this Bill could, if passed, be a return to pre-2007 days.
By Tosin Aro, Mark Geritz
This recent decision does bring certainty, but uncertainty is likely to again confront project proponents in the future.
By Tosin Aro, Mark Geritz
Resource companies should ignore alarmist headlines and possible compensation and focus on established legal principles.
By Brendan Bateman
The Sirius decision set out the framework for the Minister's analysis of undue financial hardship in heritage listing.
By John Middleton
It appears that merely applying for a private ruling can provide a form of penalty protection for the transaction.
By Christina Wu, Lance Bode, Nikki Robinson
The NSW Government is proposing to change the existing infrastructure funding scheme.
By Peter Feros
This clarity however is not without reservations, and you should carefully consider how these changes could affect you.
By Rebecca Davie, Claire Smith
NSW Land and Environment Court and the EPA look for money and efforts to be spent in risk planning, avoidance and mitigation.
By Ross McInnes, Yasmin Monfared
Class closure orders are a vehicle through which some certainty and scope can be provided in an uncertain world.
By Nicole Besgrove, Margaret Michaels
On 14 July 2017 the independent Scientific Inquiry released its Interim Report.
By Anna Casellas, Karina Hanrahan
Employers should remember that dismissal is not the only form of disciplinary action available.
By Michael Byrnes
The wrong choice of Christmas function venue could be a work safety nightmare waiting to happen.
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