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By Michael Corrigan, Ian Reynolds, Mihkel Wilding
Exposing a full picture of competition across a dynamic and differentiated market is best served by a Tribunal process.
By Brendan Bateman, Faith Taylor, Alison Packham, Laura Waterford
COAG's Finkel Report has recommended a proposed Clean Energy Target to operate similarly to the existing RET Scheme.
By Ian Bloemendal, Nick Josey
It could be difficult to compile digital evidence in support of a claim of trade mark infringement - but not impossible.
By Nick Thomas, Wagih Doueihi
The NSW Appeal decision is likely to add cost and time to the concept DA process for developers and consent authorities.
By Amy Granger, James Daff
This decision supports employers in enforcing policies to maintain a workplace that is safe for employees and customers.
By Mark Geritz
New legislation affects Indigenous land use agreements.
By Carrie Rogers
This are common questions: What do I need to show a law firm to verify my identity - and how often do I need to show it?
By Paul Cullen, Alan Maguire, Francesca Rush
The changes extend the minimum duration of a PPS lease from more than one year to more than two years.
By John Carroll, Alexander Ferguson
It is well accepted that when interpreting a statute, the starting point is the natural and ordinary meaning of the text.
By David Foong, Ken Ooi, Samy Mansour, Simon Brady
A Peru-Australia FTA will open up opportunities for Australian exporters and place them on an even footing with the US.
By John Middleton, Christine Palmer
A tribunal decision has confirmed that dividend washing will be caught both by section 207-157 and section177EA.
By Scott Crabb
Practical steps can help your businesses to manage litigation and regulatory action.
By Dan Trindade, Emma Vautin
We discuss Australian Building and Construction Commissioner v Powell [2017] FCAFC 89.
By Nick Thomas, Tom Dougherty
Proposed increases in the regulation of mining activities should prompt mine operators to review existing programs.
By Mark Geritz
The Land Access Ombudsman would be an independent body to investigate and make recommendations on resolving disputes.
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