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Carey Olsen
By Annette Alexander, Christopher Anderson, Andrew Boyce (Guernsey), Tom Carey (Guernsey), David Crosland, Tony Lane, Ben Morgan (Guernsey)
On 16 November 2016 the Guernsey Financial Services Commission (the "Commission") approved the introduction of a new classification of fund known as the Private Investment Fund ("PIF").
By Richard Brown
A number of court decisions have demonstrated that discretionary trust assets are not always immune from freezing injunctions obtained against settlors/beneficiaries.
By Nick Bullmore, Sam Dawson, Jarrod Farley, Jan Golaszewski, Anthony McKenzie, Michael Makridakis
In what is likely to be a very popular addition to Cayman's stable of corporate products, the Limited Liability Company (LLC) has been introduced...
By Jan Golaszewski, Denis Olarou
When a fund fails, the disappointed investors' sole hope of recompense often rests on the fund's liquidators gathering in and distributing pari passu as many of the fund's assets as possible.
By Ben Mays, Tim Wright, Nicolas Journeaux, Richard Brown
The BVI Commercial Court has confirmed that it has jurisdiction to order third parties to provide disclosure on Norwich Pharmacal principles in order to assist with the enforcement of judgments.
By Claire McConway, Clinton Hempel
BVI is a British dependent overseas territory in the eastern Caribbean. A leading jurisdiction for the incorporation of joint venture and private equity vehicles...
By Siobhan Riley, Huw Thomas, Tarina Le Boutillier, Harry Stirk
Amendments to the Employment (Jersey) Law 2003 (the "Law") were registered by the Royal Court on 21 October 2016 and contains several relatively minor changes...
By Ben Mays, Graham Stoute, Andrew Chissick, Tim Wright
In the October 2016 edition of our dispute resolution and insolvency bulletin we will be focusing on six recent cases from the BVI Court of Appeal and BVI Commercial Court.
By Keith Dixon, Paul Matthams, Victoria Grogan, Elizabeth Cahill
On 12 April 2016 the States of Jersey voted to update the Island's customary law and statutory rules governing the administration of property belonging to children.
By Corporate & Commercial Group
When a solvent BVI company's purpose comes to an end, the directors or members of the company will often seek to dissolve the company.
By Corporate & Commercial Group
The SIBA, together with the Investment Business (Approved Managers) Regulations, 2012, the Regulatory Code, 2009 and, in the case of mutual funds, the Mutual Funds Regulations, 2010 and the Public Funds Code, 2010, form the key regulatory regime in the BVI.
By Corporate & Commercial Group
British Virgin Islands ("BVI") companies regularly provide security over their assets (both located within and outside of the BVI) as part of financing transactions.
By Corporate & Commercial Group
The office of the Registrar of Corporate Affairs in the British Virgin Islands has responsibility for the incorporation, striking-off and restoration of struck off companies to the register of companies.
By Corporate & Commercial Group
The British Virgin Islands ("BVI") is one of the leading offshore funds domiciles, attracting both investment funds and investment managers.
By Corporate & Commercial Group
No mutual fund may carry on business or hold itself out as carrying on business in or from within the the BVI unless the mutual fund is recognised under the Securities and Investment Business Act.
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