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By Carey Olsen
The vexed question (still unresolved by the Jersey courts) as to the correct limitation period under Jersey law for bringing a claim against a director of a Jersey company for a breach of his statutory...
By Tom Carey (Guernsey), Tim Corfield, Karen Le Cras, David Jones
In March 2017, the States of Guernsey approved the reform of Guernsey's insolvency laws, which afford greater protection to creditors and investors. The necessary legislative amendments are...
By Annette Alexander, Christopher Anderson, Andrew Boyce (Guernsey), Tom Carey (Guernsey), David Crosland, Tony Lane, Ben Morgan (Guernsey)
The registered fund regime offers a significantly faster approval process than that of authorised funds (other than QIFs): three days for RCIS Funds and one day for PIFs, relying in each case upon increased due diligence expectations on the part of the fund's administrator.
By Annette Alexander, Christopher Anderson, Andrew Boyce (Guernsey), Tom Carey (Guernsey), David Crosland, Tony Lane, Ben Morgan (Guernsey)
This briefing note provides an outline of the processes and requirements to migrate an overseas company into Guernsey.
By Huw Thomas, Billy Grace
The central message of Carey Olsen's Jersey data protection and cybersecurity conference "Countdown to Chaos?" was that preparation for the new EU General Data Protection Regulation should begin now.
By Siobhan Riley, Huw Thomas, Tarina Le Boutillier
Carey Olsen Starting Point Guides are intended as a general introduction and guide to different aspects of Jersey law.
By Robert Milner, James Mulholland, Daniel O'Connor, James Fox, Christopher Griffin, Claire Le Quesne, Colin Masterton
Jersey is one of the world's major international finance centres. Its successful combination of stability and reliability combined with tax neutrality has kept Jersey at the forefront of global finance for almost half a century.
By Siobhan Riley, Huw Thomas, Tarina Le Boutillier
The aim of this Starting Point Guide is to raise management awareness of the issues surrounding disciplinary issues; and to ensure that managers are provided with practical and easily understood tools to be able to manage disciplinary issues within their teams.
By Robert Milner, James Mulholland, Daniel O'Connor
A quick and user-friendly introduction to the new Jersey Private Funds regime.
By Elaine Gray, Mark Dunster, Rachel Richardson
The Population Management Law, 2016 is to come into force on 3 April 2017.
By Victoria Grogan, Eliana Lennon, Gill Morgan
A Will is a legal document in which you set out how you would like your estate to be dealt with after your death.
By Victoria Grogan, Eliana Lennon, Gill Morgan
Through our executorship company, Carey Olsen Executors Jersey Limited, we provide a professional estate administration service for family members, individuals, lawyers, or other professionals...
By Carey Olsen
SIBA and the Investment Business (Approved Managers) Regulations, 2012 set out a number of ongoing administrative requirements with which regulated entities in the British Virgin Islands must comply.
By Carey Olsen
Entities wishing to carry out regulated investment business in the BVI require approval from the BVI FSC under either SIBA or, in the case of investment managers, the lighter regulatory regime...
By JD Garrood, Richard Brown
Carey Olsen continues to operate at the forefront of offshore asset recovery work and the development of insolvency law and process in Jersey.
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