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By Michael Makridakis, Jan Golaszewski, Anthony McKenzie
此为Carey Olsen发出的关于"私有化"交易的第二份通告 。该等交易涉及将上市的开曼群岛公司私有化——通常作为在更为有利的证券交易所重新上市的前兆
By Siobhan Riley, Paul Matthams, Alexa Saunders, Huw Thomas, Stephen Fitzgerald, Sarah Farrow, Tarina Le Boutillier
Carey Olsen Starting Point Guides are intended as a general introduction and guide to different aspects of Jersey law.
By Davey Le Marquand, Jason Morgan, John Le Tissier, Rachel Jones, Sarah Wallis
With effect from 15 November 2017, a new legislative framework for Document Duty on certain transactions involving real property will come into force in Guernsey.
By Paul Matthams, Siobhan Riley, Alexa Saunders, Stephen Fitzgerald, Huw Thomas, Tarina Le Boutillier, Sarah Farrow
As many scheme administrators will know, the Jersey tax regime for Jersey approved pension schemes was significantly changed in 2015.
By Mark Dunster, Elaine Gray, Richard Field, Alexandra Gill
Guernsey's Committee for Home Affairs has published the new Data Protection Law which will replace the Bailiwick's existing data protection legislation.
By Michael Makridakis, Jan Golaszewski, Anthony McKenzie
此为Carey Olsen发出的关于"私有化"交易的第二份通告 。该等交易涉及将上市的开曼群岛公司私有化——通常作为在更为有利的证券交易所重新上市的前兆
By Annette Alexander
Guernsey's Private Investment Fund regime was launched in November last year and has so far proved to be a popular route to launch a private fund.
By Konrad Friedlaender, Laila Arstall
In June 2017 Guernsey announced plans to introduce a new regulatory framework for the provision of pensions and pension services.
By Carey Olsen
Our BVI practice comprises BVI-qualified lawyers working in the BVI and other Carey Olsen offices across all time zones...
By Carey Olsen
Due to the devastating impact of Hurricane Irma on the Territory of the Virgin Islands and the resultant damage/destruction of the High Court buildings coupled with disruption of essential services...
By Sam Dawson, Amy Altneu
Partners from our dispute resolution and litigation practice have drafted the Cayman Islands chapter of PLC's dispute resolution and litigation guide.
By James Willmott
James Willmott, partner in our Jersey corporate practice, provides a Q&A on the Companies (Jersey) Law 1991 (Jersey Companies Law), the principal Jersey companies legislation...
By Jarrod Farley, Thomas Marriott
Partner Jarrod Farley and associate Thomas Marriott explain the importance of the Cayman Islands to the US hedge fund sector, which first appeared in the HFM Special Report: How to start a hedge fund in the US 2017.
By Tim Corfield
On 30 September 2017, the UK Criminal Finances Act 2017 (the CFA) will come into force, along with its newly-focused corporate criminal offences of failure to prevent facilitation of tax evasion.
By James Willmott
Jersey has been at the forefront of the global finance industry for over 50 years and is acknowledged as one of the world's leading international finance centres for banking...
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