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By David Wedgwood, Alexandra Knipe
Earlier this year the Court of Protection set down guidelines in relation to the appointment of Trusts Corporations as Deputies. (re: The Appointment of Trust Corporations as Deputies [2018] EWCOP3.)
By David Smith
The Supreme Court has today given judgement in the key case of McDonald v McDonald. This case relates to the important issue of section 21 notices.
By Ian Mitchell
Ian Mitchell, a partner in the Anthony Gold leasehold services team, answers why investors like to buy freehold properties.
By Nicola Gunn
A lasting power of attorney (LPA) will only be valid if you are 18 or over and able to make decisions yourself at the time the LPA is set up (i.e. you have "mental capacity").
By Ian Mitchell
Ian Mitchell, a partner in the Anthony Gold leasehold services team, answers what possession and forfeiture means.
By Andrew Brookes
Andrew Brookes, a partner in the Anthony Gold housing team, answers whether or not you can withhold service charges .
By Sana Bibi
The Supreme Court unanimously decided that evidence in support of suspected fraud which subsequently came to light after settlement of an injury claim may be taken into consideration.
By Monika Byrska
Though it is not extremely common, it does happen that Wills, even those prepared professionally, contain mistakes or errors.
By Nicola Gunn
A lasting power of attorney (LPA) is a way of giving someone you trust the legal authority to help you make decisions or to make decisions on your behalf.
By Katherine Browne
If you are injured in a road traffic accident and your insurance company pay compensation to the other driver, does this prevent you from bringing a claim against that driver for your own injuries?
By Ali Malsher
As a clinical negligence solicitor, I am sadly familiar with the problems of getting the medical records disclosed in time and indeed even complete.
By Robin Stewart
From 1 February 2016 all tenancies in England are subject to the Right to Rent scheme under Part 3 of the Immigration Act 2014.
By Lisa-Jane Franklin
I recently settled a claim for a lady who was injured in a very frightening accident. She is a European national who was in the UK studying cordon bleu cookery.
By Ali Malsher
Thirteen hospital trusts have higher than expected mortality indicator scores, according to a recent report by Dr Foster Intelligence.
By David Marshall
All personal injury lawyers need to have at least a passing familiarity with the employment protection provisions of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. We all know that if your client is in employment and suffers an injury that prevents or restricts his ability to work, his prospects of eventually returning to employment are much greater if he does not lose his job.