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By Xing Loong Lim, Yingyu Wang, Gary Tse
The clampdown demonstrates its continued commitment and vigilance towards policing the trading or offering of Digital Tokens which breach securities regulations.
By Alexandra Thornton-Reid
As of 9am this morning, "GDPR" was trending higher worldwide on Google than "Meghan Markle".
By Tom Anghileri
Trade marks are valuable assets, and registered trade marks can give you a right to stop third parties from using identical or similar marks in relation to identical or similar goods and services.
By Peter Finding, Scott Glacken
The World Bank has revealed the easiest places to do business – with New Zealand topping the list, closely followed by Singapore.
By Andrew Williamson
I gathered the feedback of a large number of clients ranging from small private farmers to large landholding institutions and producer organisations across England and consolidated their views...
By Dominic Holmes
Ahead of presenting at this year's Future of Work Summit 2018, Partner and joint head of the employment team Dominic Holmes spoke to Gabriella Jeakins about automation ...
By Benita Lau
Tax deductions are available for costs incurred in the registration, acquisition and licensing of intellectual property.
By Kevin Hanson
From 9 June 2018, there is new EU legislation coming into force called the Trade Secrets Directive. Here we outline what it means and how your business could be affected.
By Sylvia Haigh
The uncertainty of the impact of Brexit on Families
By Rachel Bevan
You might expect a settlement to include the wealth you accrued together during your marriage.
By Kirsten Pettit
With increasing numbers of us owning assets abroad as well as at home, it's more important than ever to consider our financial affairs...
By Andrew Williamson
The Government's ‘once-in-a-generation' plans to shakeup farming could herald an uncertain future, warns Andrew Williamson, Taylor Vinters' farms and estates specialist.
By James Boyle
With the GDPR now well and truly looming over us, the ICO (Information Commisioner's Office) data protection conference on 9 April 2018 provided some key messages and re-assurances.
By Chris Willis Pickup
A new project has been announced recently – to develop The Charity Digital Code of Practice during 2018.
By Katie Allen
Transgender issues have received increased publicity over recent years, in no small part due to the public transition of Caitlyn Jenner.