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By Alix Beese
The Court of Appeal has overturned an injunction granted by the High Court to enforce a six-month non-compete restriction for a senior executive, ruling that the scope of the restriction was too wide and ambiguous.
By Shelley King
The High Court has found that the unjustified suspension of an employee constituted a breach of the implied contractual duty of trust and confidence (and therefore a fundamental breach of contract).
By Becky Everitt, Helen Mutucumarana
Becky Everitt and Helen Mutucumarana offer a reminder of key factors that trustees must bear in mind
By Dominic Holmes
The Supreme Court has today handed down a judgment confirming that the UK's Employment Tribunal fees regime...
By Rachel Ashwood, Shelley King
As most readers will now be aware, the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect in May 2018.
By Christine Berry
A practical but slightly cumbersome hangover where charities have merged is the need to retain the shell of the transferor charity, rather than winding it up following completion.
By Emma Millar
Emma Millar looks at a recent Court ruling in divorce proceedings which has attracted much debate in the charity sector
By Emma Millar
Emma Millar considers whether the new Fundraising Regulator is delivering on this pledge
By Alexandra Thornton-Reid
Clients with specialist business and property cases can look forward to a more convenient arrangement and shorter waiting times, with the introduction of the Business and Property Courts...
By Fiona Lewsey
With DIY Will templates on sale in newsagents and basic Will writing services available online, you might wonder whether you really need a solicitor.
By James Boyle
If you run a business, school or charity, the GDPR will probably be on your radar by now. Although preparing for the new rules may seem like a daunting task, it doesn't have to be.
By Rachel Ashwood, Dominic Wrench, Shelley King
As part of their GDPR 12 month countdown series, the Taylor Vinters HR GDPR team look at the new data breach reporting obligations and what they mean for HR practitioners.
By Gareth Dickson
Over the last few months we have seen several examples of the need for companies and their boards to take cybercrime seriously.
By Quentin Golder
In the present economic environment all businesses are looking long and hard at market and business operations and considering how they are going to maintain, let alone increase, turnover and profitability.