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By William Haig, Xing Loong Lim, Yingyu Wang
Despite recent price corrections (and murmurs of bubbles bursting), the past year's growth in value of the largely unregulated global market in cryptocurrencies continues to dominate headlines.
By Fiona Lewsey
With the end of the tax year not far away, now is a particularly good time to review your estate planning. This is an ideal opportunity to ensure your estate is structured as efficiently as possible ...
By Fiona Lewsey
Bitcoin is a digital asset, and as it's a relatively recent innovation, it may not be covered by the definition of personal chattels or belongings in your current Will.
By Charles Fletcher
Many privately backed companies go through several financing rounds and find they end up with a very complex capitalisation structure, with various classes of preferred shares, ordinary shares and deferred shares...
By Robyn Le Friec
Sites need to give their customers information that is clear, accurate and presented in a way that enables people to choose the best deal for them.
By Kelsey Farish
It may be tempting to use a celebrity's photograph or signature to endorse your own business, but doing so without considering the celebrity's "image rights" first may lead to legal problems.
By Amy Lynch, Louise Moore
Reforming the home buying and selling process will require some fresh thinking and a more innovative approach...
By Kirsten Pettit
When you think of making your Will, deciding on what happens to your digital assets may not be top of mind.
By Gareth Dickson
Entrepreneurs rarely choose to embark on their start-up journey without a partner. Two heads are usually better than one when it comes to managing the risks ...
By Kim Wedral-Rooke
There are several reasons why an individual might be absent from work. It could be because of genuine sickness (whether short or long term) or a period of maternity/paternity leave.
By Jackie Wells
Every year, the media draws our attention to ‘Divorce D-Day' – reckoned to be Monday of the first full working week in January
By William Haig, Beth Price
Cybersecurity has hit the headlines again this week with news of two critical security flaws in the architecture of the central processing units (CPUs) of the world's three largest chip producers...
By Dominic Holmes
OK, I admit it. TUPE isn't everyone's cup of tea. It is often perceived as unfriendly for business, an unnecessary distraction when trying to negotiate a business sale ...
By Katie Allen
The Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) has clarified the rules relating to where employees are able to bring employment claims, when they perform their work in more than one jurisdiction.
By Shelley King
The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has determined that an employer was entitled to take into account previous incidents when dismissing for gross misconduct ...