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By Graham Burnett-Hall
In a welcome but, to many, surprising development, the UK Government has confirmed that it intends to ratify the Unified Patent Court Agreement. Once the UK ratifies...
By Jade Powell
In T 2129/14, the EPO Boards of Appeal applied the exception to the prohibition of reformatio in peius established in G 1/99 to allow the patentee, as respondent, to make an amendment...
By Thomas Zvesper
The practice of the Boards of Appeal of the EPO in recent years (following decision T 1067/08 (High-activity phytase/BASF); and discussed in detail in the Case Law of the Boards of Appeal...
By Susan Bradley
In her speech to the CBI Annual Conference yesterday, the UK Prime Minister Theresa May announced a "modern Industrial Strategy" aimed at boosting research and innovation in post-Brexit Britain.
By Rebecca Tew
The unique protection afforded to Geographical Indications (GIs) such as Welsh Lamb and Single Gloucester Cheese is currently provided under EU Regulation...
By Jean-Charles Grégoire
The Supreme Court of Canada heard oral arguments on November 8, 2016 in an important appeal challenging the "promise of the patent" utility doctrine in Canada.
By Amy Wood
According to the US Chamber of Commerce, the UK is now the highest ranked country for IP enforcement, a clear reflection of the continued hard-work and commitment by enforcement agencies in tackling IP Crime.
By Michael Lin
The Chinese State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) is undertaking a comment period for the current, newly-released revisions to the Chinese Patent Examination Regulations.
By Jennifer Ledwell
After years of negotiations, the CETA between Canada and Europe was finally approved by all 28 European Union member states on October 28, 2016...
By Steven Pediani
A recent decision from the EPO Board of Appeals, T 1647/15, deals with, amongst other things, the issue of suspected partiality of a member of the Opposition Division, in this case the chairman.
By Sara Paines
In a recent EPO Board of Appeal decision, T 2517/11, the Board has reaffirmed that for a feature to be deemed disclosed in a document...
By George Lucas
The TBA decided to remit the decision to the Opposition Division with the order to maintain the patent, EP1211926, on the basis of auxiliary request I, claim 1 of which is reproduced below.
By Yumiko Kato
In a recent decision by the EPO's Boards of Appeal, T 437/14, three questions have been referred to the Enlarged Board of Appeal concerning the allowability of undisclosed disclaimers.
By Dafydd Bevan
As in other Common Law jurisdictions, one of the distinguishing characteristics of litigation in England and Wales as compared to its Civil Law counterparts is the availability of document disclosure.
By Michael Street
Working with SMEs and start-ups on their intellectual property (IP) strategy, I often find that clients can be concerned about the prospect of large corporations stealing and exploiting their ideas