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By Florian Bazant-Hegemark
Among the news exciting IP lawyers in April 2017 was a written statement by Jo Johnson MP setting out the time table for the UK's joining the Hague System.
By David Murray
The EPO's Board of Appeal has clarified the position with respect to the applicant's right to claim priority in recently published decision T 577/11.
By Esther Ford, Michael Moore
The question of what is a "Fair, Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory" (FRAND) licence to work a Standards Essential Patent (SEP) has been addressed for the first time by a judge in Europe.
By Sara Paines
In decision T 625/11, an EPO Technical Board of Appeal considered two different approaches to determining inventive step which produced opposite outcomes.
By Rajesh Sagar
In the UK, a person threatened by proceedings relating to infringement of patent, trade mark or design rights can sue the person making the threats in certain circumstances if the threats are unjustified, i.e. where they have been made in respect of an invalid right or where there has been no infringement.
By Sonia Hill, Giles Pinnington
Recent figures released by the EU Intellectual Property Office show the continued popularity of EU Trade Marks (EUTMs) and Registered Community Designs (RCDs) .
By Matthijs Branderhorst, Elena Nicholas
While there have been plenty of headlines about the triggering of Article 50 by the UK's Prime Minister, Theresa May, the situation surrounding IP rights remains stable.
By Simon Portman
Any UK companies doing business with the rest of the EU, or even just in the UK but relying on customers and suppliers who deal with the rest of the EU, should be keeping an eye out for the ramifications of Brexit.
By Esther Ford
Jo Johnson MP has been appointed as the UK's Minister for Intellectual Property, shortly before Brexit negotiations are expected to begin.
By Karen Fraser
Following the UK Government's announcement that it will ratify the Unified Patent Court Agreement, the Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court (UPC) are expected to go live in December 2017.
By Jonas Lindsay
In patent infringement proceedings, a successful plaintiff can elect either damages or an account of profits as compensation.
By Julian Asquith, Susan Bradley, Esther Ford, Sarah Gao, Sandra Gibbons, Sonia Hill, Coleen Morrison, Simon Portman, Karen Fraser
The 1st Quarter edition of our ReMarks newsletter is out, including...
By Sandra Gibbons, Coleen Morrison
The Government of the Hong Kong SAR has announced that it is proceeding with plans to adopt the Protocol Relating to the Madrid Agreement, the international trade mark registration system...
By Steven Pediani
A recent decision from the EPO Board of Appeals, T 66/12, deals with, amongst other things, numerical ranges within a claim.
By Mark Bell
Commercial practices in the domain name business can lead to small web entities losing their domain names.