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By Nathan Jones
In decision T 2561/11, the EPO Board of Appeal found an Appeal to be admissible despite certain omissions in the Notice of Appeal.
By Samuel Bateman
In a recent EPO decision, T 1921/12, the Board of Appeal has considered the issue of corrections being made to the claims of a granted patent during Opposition proceedings.
By Julian Asquith, Susan Bradley
The long-running issue of poisonous priority, and in particular poisonous divisionals, began with decisions such as T 1496/11...
By Graham Burnett-Hall, Peter Lyons
The Government's promised white paper on Brexit was published today. Here, we look at the document itself and consider it alongside the Government's earlier decision...
By Matthijs Branderhorst, Edward Bray
Almost everyone has heard or read that intellectual property (IP) can be of significant value to a business.
By Kate Adamson
Sometimes generating IP is an explicit goal of a collaboration. For example, a company may want to own patents to stop competitors using their ideas and also to impress potential investors.
By Kyle Arndt
It is a situation many passengers will be familiar with: sitting on an aeroplane, fuelled up and ready to taxi to the runway, and the pilot announces a delay for reasons outside their control.
By Daniel Thorpe
Article 24 EPC allows for the objection to members of a Board of Appeal or Enlarged Board of Appeal if suspected of partiality.
By Jean-Charles Grégoire
Colour can be useful in marketing a product. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) provide protection for colour in a design.
By Kirsten Coetzee
The "average consumer" is deemed to be reasonably well informed and reasonably circumspect and observant, but rarely has the chance to make direct comparisons between...
By George Lucas
The European Patent Office (EPO) has stayed all examination and opposition proceedings relating to plants and animals obtained by essentially biological processes...
By Merlin Cooper
Complaints to the EPO are dealt with by a central EPO department known as DQS, which is also solely responsible for drafting and sending the official EPO response to the complainant.
By Edwin Wong
The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) recently released its 2016 IP Canada Report summarizing developments and trends in intellectual property filings in Canada...
By Mathias Dormann
Seldom does a Patent Office policy manual get trimmed, but this is what the Canadian Patent Office laudably did earlier this year to a section of the Manual of Patent Office Practice...
By Hannah Buckley, Stuart Lumsden
When drafting a patent specification, it is crucial to consider where it may eventually be filed and prosecuted globally.