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By Will Jensen
On 7 September, the EC published a position paper on intellectual property rights (including geographical indications), setting out how the transition of the UK leaving the EU should take place ...
By Esther Ford
Intellectual Property (IP) is a barrier to market, not a licence to practice the idea. Realistically, it may not even guarantee commercial success…! However,
By Will Nieuwenhuys
When the Boards of Appeal of the European Patent Office revoked European patent number EP1169038 protecting the anti-cancer drug dasatinib (Sprycel®) back in February 2017...
By Graham Burnett-Hall
In the most important decision on patent infringement for over a decade, the UK Supreme Court has confirmed that UK law does provide for a doctrine of equivalents when determining the scope of patent protection.
By George Lucas
The Administrative Council has therefore amended Rules 27 and 28 EPC to effect this change.
By Michelle Hickey
A recent decision by the EPO's Boards of Appeals, T 1811/13, considers whether a lack of clarity in a claim can give rise to an allowable objection to insufficiency of disclosure.
By Jill Terris
Apparently, Captain Morgan has not found imitation to be the sincerest form of flattery and in a swashbuckling face-off, has forced Admiral Nelson to retreat from the liquor store shelves.
By Xuefang Huang, Florian Bazant-Hegemark, David Grant, Jennifer Ledwell, Michael Lin, Campbell Newell, Simon Portman, Rajesh Sagar, Amy Wood
The 2nd quarter edition of our ReMarks newsletter is out, including.
By Graham Burnett-Hall
The Unified Patent Court (UPC) Agreement requires ratification by 13 participating states in order to come into force, including France, Germany and the UK.
By William Cook, David Grant, Thomas Prock
Following the UK Government's announcement in late 2016 that it would ratify the Agreement on a Unified Patent Court (UPCA), the project appears to be back on track.
By Jack Kenny
In this latest instalment of the ‘chocolate wars' between confectionery heavyweights Nestlé and Cadbury...
By Darren Hau
In a recent decision of the EPO's Boards of Appeal, T1463/11 (Universal merchant platform/CardinalCommerce), the appellant successfully appealed a decision of the Examining...
By Ella Newell, Amy Wood
Donald Trump has enjoyed plenty of success as a businessman, developing a family brand that stretches to hospitality, luxury goods and real estate.
By Eurion Leonard-Pugh
The recent decision from the EPO's Boards of Appeal, J 23/14 (Re-establishment of rights), relates to an appeal filed against a decision of the Examining Division to disallow a request for...
By Yumiko Kato
A recent decision by the EPO's Boards of Appeal, T 1846/11, concerns an appeal filed by Rigaku Corporation (appellant) against the decision of the examining division, refusing European patent...