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By Amy Proctor
While many patent examiners prefer Markush claims, which recite lists of alternatively useable species, to be formatted as "selected from the group consisting of A, B, and C," ...
By John Paul, Brian Kacedon, Jonathan J. Fagan
The portion of a termination payment attributable to a transfer of all substantial rights in a patent may be treated as long-term capital gain and taxed at more favorable rates than ordinary income.
By John Paul, Brian Kacedon, Anita Bhushan
Patent owners can recover reasonable royalty damages for patent infringement based on factors including royalty terms in other licenses involving the patented technology.
By Kelly Horn, Brian Kacedon, John Paul
When the Federal Circuit summarily affirms a trial court judgment, collateral estoppel can still apply to bar a patent owner from re-litigating an issue provided that the judgment of the trial court...
By Aaron Parker, Kara Specht
As a general overview, 3D printing involves turning a 3D digital model created on a computer or with a 3D scanner into a physical object, allowing users to make almost anything.
By Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP
The USPTO has announced that on July 26, 2017, the Trademark Organization and the Trademark Public Advisory Committee plan to hold a roundtable discussion on fraudulent trademark solicitations.
By Barbara Rudolph, Robert Stanley
December 5, 2015, saw the abrogation of Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 84 and Form 18, the sample complaint for direct patent infringement.
By Elizabeth Ferrill
In the near-future portrayed in the novel "Ready Player One," the characters live, work, and hold most of their possessions
By Benjamin Cassady, Lionel Lavenue, Michael LiuSu
Congress tried hard at patent reform in its past two terms, the 113th (2013-2014) and the 114th (2015-2016).
By Kenie Ho, Forrest Jones
Everyone at this point, even the most technology averse, has heard of the Internet of Things (IoT) or seen some of its products.
By David Seastrunk, Daniel Klodowski, Elliot Cook
Through May 1, 2017, the Federal Circuit decided 200 PTAB appeals from IPRs and CBMs. The Federal Circuit affirmed the PTAB on every issue in 150 (75%) cases...
By Lionel Lavenue, Benjamin Cassady, Kara Specht
The Eastern District of Texas is by far the most popular venue for patent litigation, and it has been for many years.
By Jennifer Roscetti, Erik Puknys, Clara Jimenez
In patent cases where the accused infringer supplies some or all of the component parts of an accused product from the United States to an overseas location for final assembly...
By Caitlin E. O'Connell
In this appeal, the Federal Circuit has been asked to determine whether the AIA eliminated district court review of post-AIA interference decisions ...
By Daniel Klodowski, Elliot Cook, David Seastrunk
In an unusually favorable month for patent owners, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board issued 75 Final Written Decisions in March, and cancelled 540 (48.04%) of the instituted claims...
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