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By Edward Miller, Emma Spiers, Luke Whitmore, Guy Usher
The EU Council has just released a revised draft of a proposed Regulation to amend EMIR – link here. Although there is no specific timetable for the adoption of this proposed Regulation ...
By Nick Rose, Heidi Hurdle
The ECJ was asked a series of questions on exhaustion of trademark rights in different EEA member states ...
By Graeme Nuttall, Penny Wotton
Charities must do more to promote diversity on their boards, new research shows
By Gordon Drakes
On 2 November 2017 the European Commission published an amended proposal for a Directive concerning contracts for the sale of goods.
By David Bond
The CMA's investigation will focus on a number of factors which form part of the consumer's booking experience including:
By John Worthy
Intelsat and Intel C-band/5G proposal: Intelsat and Intel have jointly asked the US Federal Communications Commission to consider expanding the use of C-band spectrum ...
By Sonal Patel
The Science and Technology Committee has launched an inquiry to examine the impact of electronic cigarettes.
By Sonal Patel
Rules and guidance on advertising gambling make it clear that such marketing communications must be socially responsible and must not be likely to appeal to...
By Sonal Patel
In an effort to help national authorities assess and challenge unfair commercial practices, the EU Commission has issued guidelines on 26 September 2017 on the application of consumer and food laws...
By Tom Guida
Based on personal experience, I can tell you that the best way to rile up a privacy/data protection lawyer is to talk about the best ways to use and trade personal data as a commodity.
By John Worthy
A UK government committee responsible for scrutinising proposed legislation has recommended changes to the UK's draft Space Industry Bill.
By Sascha Dethof
Der Bundesgerichtshof (BGH) hat am 17. Oktober 2017 über die Vorgabe einer Preisuntergrenze durch Almased entschieden. Das OLG Celle hatte diese noch als zulässig angesehen mangels...
By Sascha Dethof, Michael Adam, Christian Bahr
Die Europäische Kommission (Kommission) hat am 27. September 2017 ein Bußgeld in Höhe von € 880 Mio. gegen den LKW-Hersteller verhängt.
By Jonathan Brooks
The Governance Institute (ICSA) and the Investment Association (IA) have jointly published guidance on board engagement with stakeholders.
By Gordon Drakes, Susan Jones
Rapid developments in consumer technology are causing the convergence of the physical and online sales channels.
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