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By Penny Wotton
The Government announced in the Summer Budget 2015 that from April 2017 non-UK domiciled individuals will no longer be able to shelter their UK residential property from "IHT"...
By Andrew Evans
In this article we take a detailed look at freezing orders. Of most concern to lenders will be the obligations that fall on them – as bankers to the respondent which is the subject of the freezing order...
By Tony Lewis, Francesca Titus
The Government is examining the case for reform of the law on corporate liability for economic crime, and has commenced an open call for evidence.
By Nicholas Thorpe
The wearing of a 'hijab' has become a much politicised issue in recent months, particularly in Continental Europe.
By Beatriz San Martín, Christopher Leung
One of the most comprehensive reforms of European patent law is expected take effect this year with the introduction of a unitary patent for 25 countries in the EU.
By Oliver Abel Smith
We consider below the circumstances in which a person may hold an "unpaid vendor lien", the effect of such a lien following the Supreme Court case of Menelaou v Bank of Cyprus UK Ltd [2016] EWHC 2656...
By John Worthy
A version of this article was published in Satellite Finance magazine in February 2017.
By Andrew Evans
In this article we take a detailed look at freezing orders.
By Robert Cooke
With elections in three major European countries, 2017 promises to be a year of even greater political awareness, and potentially upheaval.
By David Gallagher, Michael Calvert, Andrew Patten
The Scottish court has recently had to consider a number of cases where changes have been reflected in a scheme's administration, but years later it is discovered that there is no evidence of a formal amending document.
By Laurence Dumure Lambert
Irène Frachon, pneumologue, a révélé par ses travaux le scandale du Médiator. "John Doe" a transmis des documents permettant la révélation des "Panama Papers".
By Vicky Reinhardt
Adhesion contracts are contracts that are characterized by a lack of equality between the parties where one party typically dictates the contractual terms to the other party.
By Graeme Nuttall, Penny Wotton
New guide on being a charity in Scotland
By Jayne Elkins, Owen Talfan Davies
In "Frustrating property fraud" (EG 25 October 2014, p109), we considered property frauds involving a "rogue" conveyancer or a "bogus" law firm.
By Graeme Nuttall, Penny Wotton
The Charities Aid Foundation announces that a further 18 investment funds have been made available through the UK's first secure digital platform designed for charities.
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