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Field Fisher
By Brad Isaac
As Spotify espouses the merits of direct listings, doing away with the need for underwriters to lock in investors ahead of a company's public float, Brad Isaac, corporate partner at law firm...
By Sascha Dethof
Die Europäische Kommission hatte am 24. April 2018 gegen das Kabel- und Telekommunikationsunternehmen Altice wegen vorzeitiger Durchführung der Übernahme des portugiesischen Telekommunikationsunternehmens ...
By Stuart Carter
Stuart Carter and Volkan Palanci offer some practical considerations to oil and gas companies arising from key cases on the subject of parent company liability for the tortious acts of its subsidiary.
By Azad Ali
The UK is proposing new legislation to mitigate the impact on EU27 regulated firms arising from a "no deal" scenario in March 2019.
By Graeme Nuttall, Penny Wotton
The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland says that it is important that those operating society lotteries are aware of the law in this area.
By Anne-Laure-Hélène des Ylouses
Nous nous permettons d'attirer votre attention sur la promulgation de la loi n°2018-670 du 30 juillet 2018 relative à la protection du secret des affaires (ci-après la « Loi »).
By Jessica Gardner, Madeeha Husain Anthony
On 24 July 2018, the European Commission fined four consumer electronics manufacturers a total of €111 million for fixing the online prices of their retailers (resale price maintenance).
By Ingrid Dubourdieu
The Luxembourg tax authorities published on 26 July 2018, a circular in relation to the tax treatment of income realized by means of virtual currencies ...
By Oliver Abel Smith, Richard Gibbard, Jayne Backett
A recent case in relation to the standard ISDA Credit Support Annex (CSA) has ruled that there is no obligation to pay negative interest under an English law CSA (see The State of the Netherlands...
By John Worthy
A digest of recent news from the satellite and space projects sector
By Gordon Drakes
Loob is a company incorporated in Malaysia.
By Guy Usher, Edward Miller, Luke Whitmore, Emma Spiers
On 25 July the English High Court ruled that there is no obligation to pay negative interest under an English law CSA.
By Tom Farrington
Laing J. determined that the damage suffered by the claimants was not foreseeable by UPLC or UTKL.
By Sascha Dethof
Das OLG Frankfurt am Main entschied am 12. Juli 2018 in Sachen 'Coty Germany GmbH v Parfümerie Akzente GmbH', dass ein Anbieter von Luxusprodukten seinen autorisierten Händlern einen Vertrieb...
By Gordon Drakes
This article was first published by Global Franchise Magazine in June 2018. It speaks to a UK audience of businesses and individuals who are new to franchising and provides guidance on key issues...
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