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By Gemma Kirkland
The General Court (GC) has confirmed that there is no 'end consumer' test for assessing genuine use, nor a need to have physically launched products in the marketplace.
By Helen Cawley
In this case the General Court (GC) confirmed that sound marks need to be in tune with distinctive character to achieve registration.
By Verity Ellis
The issue of hyperlinking and embedding content online is a niche yet important topic, which demonstrates the difficult balance for the courts to strike between a strict application...
By Paul Price
The UK IPO has issued a rare 'Designs Practice Note' to provide guidance to applicants in the light of the judicial comments made in the recent Supreme Court decision in the 'Trunki' case.
By Wendy Oliver
A recent Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (IPEC) decision has found that vague wording used in a compromise agreement was sufficient in scope to release the defendants from liability...
By Jennifer Heath
When push came to shove, the General Court (GC) dismissed an appeal against the European Intellectual Property Office...
By Natasha O'Shea
In two related cases, the General Court (GC) upheld the decision of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) Board of Appeal, confirming the partial existence of a likelihood of confusion...
By Richard Burton, Flora Cook
Trade mark proprietors are often faced with the ultimatum 'use it or lose it', but when asked to provide evidence of genuine use of your mark, how far can your actual use stray from the mark as registered?
By Jonathan Jackson
From time to time, we see the emergence of completely new and un-envisaged technology being suddenly made available to consumers.