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By Shawna Lemon, Ph.D.
Once you have an idea for a new invention you may ask yourself whether your invention is patentable and whether you can commercialize your invention.
By Elizabeth A. Stanek
Patent attorneys and patent agents ("patent practitioners") deal with the best and brightest engineers and scientists on a daily basis.
By Robert M. Meeks
As you read this article, hundreds of startups and other organizations are working on blockchain applications ...
By Erica Rogers, Tyler J. Russell, Allen N. Trask, III
The federal legalization of hemp grown under state-sanctioned research programs in the Agricultural Act of 2014, combined with the myriad uses of hemp, including cannabidiol ...
By Angela P. Doughty, Caroline O. Outten
California has now enacted the strictest data privacy law in the nation.
By Ryan K. Simmons
After the United States Supreme Court's 2014 decision in Alice Corp. Pty. Ltd. v. CLS Bank Int'l, many inventors and patent practitioners were left asking ...
By Angela P. Doughty, Erica Rogers
It can also be tempting to choose a geographic location as a brand.
By Marla Bowman
If your business has received a demand letter, I have some good news for you: Your business has not been sued (yet). However, a lawsuit could be in your business's near future.
By Deborah Andrews
Employers, both for-profit and tax-exempt organizations, often overlook the complex FICA tax rules applicable to deferred compensation.
By Norman Leonard
Nearly all Community Associations ("Associations") must cope with owners who fail or refuse to pay their periodic assessments (also known as "Dues").
By Virginia Carter
Is the federal estate tax law going to change or be abolished under the Trump administration? Time will tell. One thing is certain: tax laws may change but the litigious nature of our society...
By Stanley Sams
Conservation easements may be a great example of "doing well by doing good." They help conserve fish and wildlife, clean water, natural habitats, historic properties, farmland, and timberland.
By Shawna Lemon, Ph.D.
Did you know that the individual often credited with popularizing karaoke did not reap the financial rewards of his invention to the extent possible?
By E. Bradley Evans, Matthew Thompson
Despite recent trends toward consolidation in the agricultural industry, farming generally remains a family affair.
By Amy Wang
Heavy and consistent rainfall this summer, even before Tropical Storms Hermine and Julia and Hurricane Matthew, produced a tremendous amount of stormwater.