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Rick D. Nydegger, Chairman of the USPTO’s Public Patent Advisory Committee (PPAC) has announced the formation of a new E-Filing and E-Government Subcommittee to help advance the technology and process automation at the US Patent and Trademark Office.
On Friday September 3, Douglas Bourgeois, who joined the USPTO as its Chief Information Officer in May, 2001, will leave the Patent Office to become the director of the Interior Department's National Business Center. His departure from the PTO is occurring at a time when legal and industry leaders are pushing for faster, higher quality patents.
By Andy Gibbs
At a time when patent infringement suits such as Eolas v. Microsoft can result in $1/2 Billion dollar awards, fast access to accurate patent data has reached peak demand. Finding a "Silver bullet" prior art patents can result in invalidity of the asserted patent, or it describes the technology another company is developing, it can stop R&D in its tracks, saving the company 10 of millions in waster R&D investment
By Andy Gibbs
Not long after patent attorneys, R&D researchers or patent drafters being comparison of inventions or patents, the focus converges on the patent claims. The process of comparing claims is cumbersome, time consuming, and when relevant patents remain elusive to traditional Boolean search engines, frustrating. Nevertheless, claims comparison remains the critically important core to patentability searches, invalidity searches, infringement studies, and even in testing proposed claims prior to fi