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By Ilya Kazi
Communication technology is an area where the importance and financial value of intellectual property is relatively visible
By Alan MacDougall
Universities, Colleges and Research Organisations are responsible for producing most of the UK’s scientific research and they rely more and more on the technology transfer process to develop practical applications to exploit the results of that research.
By Alan MacDougall
To the entrepreneur with an innovative idea that will change the world, Intellectual Property (IP) rights are sometimes the only weapon available to prevent others from copying or adopting their idea.
By Ilya Kazi
Every company in the technology sector from the smallest startup to the largest needs to consider its position as part of the global economy; as well as potential markets overseas, there are outsourcing opportunities, competitors and future buyers or acquisition targets.
The phenomenal success of the Internet has lead to increasing pressures upon the domain naming system, and even rumours that the Internet was in danger of running out of addresses.
By Philippa Griffin
As reported previously in Business Weekly, Guangzhou Xiangxue Pharmaceuticals (Xiangxue) recently became the first Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) company to establish a base in the UK, at the Babraham Research Campus near Cambridge.
By Paul Cozens
Trading Technologies’ patent dispute has brought the issue of protecting intellectual rights to the fore like never before. Paul Cozens looks at the risks behind not taking the right precautions.
By Chris Hamer
Intellectual property is one of the most important assets of a company, whether it is a small start-up or a large multinational.
By Elisabeth Murray
An aspect of European intellectual property (IP) law that is widely underappreciated is the powerful protection now available for features of design of an enormously wide variety of products.
By Ilya Kazi
Often the IP due diligence aspect of a transaction is an afterthought, considered to be a complex and tedious formality, and left to the eleventh hour.
By Alan MacDougall, Chris Hamer
Any business that develops new products or processes runs the risk of infringing third party patent rights, which can result in the business being drawn into patent disputes.
By Alan MacDougall
In support of its economic growth, China has been busy putting into place an IP system comparable to those in the West, and which address protection of trade marks, patents, copyright and trade secrets.