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By Gill Jennings & Every
The imperative to produce protein-containing nutritional foods and animal fodder to ensure food security in a sustainable manner is driving innovation, and investment in R&D.
By Rowena Price
Once your trade mark is registered, you can use the ® symbol. It is not a requirement to use this symbol, but it can work as a useful deterrent as it flags to third parties that there is a risk of being sued for infringement if they use the same or a similar mark.
By Gregory St Clair Jones, David Lee
Smartphones have revolutionised how society interacts with technology, and today, technology is changing our very perception of the world around us.
By Rowena Price, Alice Davies
"If this business were to split up, I would be glad to take the brands, trade marks and goodwill and you could have all the bricks and mortar – and I would fare better than you."
By Kevin Tipping
On 15 February the USPTO announced its long-awaited decision regarding the CRISPR patent interference proceedings between the University of California Berkley (UCB) and the Broad Institute of MIT.
By Rebecca Matheson
Over recent years, there has been a rise within the food and drink industry in healthy alternatives, as consumers become more conscious of their diet, and more wary of what goes in to their food and drink.
By Michael Vallance, Peter Arrowsmith
Computer technology offers a raft of new opportunities for traditional manufacturing companies. However, it also opens new challenges since traditional companies may face new competition...
By Ruth Walker
The UK's National Food Crime Unit recently estimated that piracy could account for more than one billion pounds of annual UK food and drink trade.
By Edward Carstairs
The lure and potential of China to food and drink manufacturers is obvious. China has a burgeoning middle class with an ever-increasing disposable income and Western brands are highly regarded...
By Graham Crofts, Scott King
Recent predictions from analysis firm Research and Markets estimate that the global market for photonics crystal components and modules will be worth $20.4 billion by 2017...