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By John Gaffney, Peter Smith
On 11 February 2018, the Abu Dhabi Global Market Courts ("ADGM Courts") and the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department ("ADJD") signed a memorandum of understanding ("2018 MoU") ...
By Euan Lloyd
governments and developers in the GCC continue to mandate the use of Building Information Modelling ("BIM") on sophisticated construction projects, a basic understanding of the contractual concepts ...
By Stuart Davies
It is an incredibly exciting time to be in the Middle East and part of the growing Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) team at Al Tamimi & Company, the region's leading and largest law firm.
By Andrew Fawcett
‘'Smart' contracts will have a disruptive effect on traditional contractual performance, both practically and conceptually. However, are smart contracts actually "contracts" and are they really "smart"?
By Stuart Davies
Global B2C eCommerce sales of products and services are forecasted to reach $3.6 trillion in 2019 ($2.3 trillion in 2017), representing 13% of the share of total retail sales. In the U.S. alone ...
By Nick O'Connell, Badria Modir
With a population in excess of 30 million people, many of whom are young, rich and tech-savvy consumers, it is no surprise that experts hold high hopes f ...
By Fiona Robertson
The National Media Council added a new resolution to their library this month, the Electronic Media Activity Regulation Resolution 2018 (‘Resolution'). Many expected the move, as the Council ...
By Fiona Robertson
The rise of the influencer as a marketing tool has been much discussed in the Middle East. From Kuwaiti beauty bloggers, who attract several million followers ...
By Mohammad Al Muhtaseb, Zane Anani
On 14 February 2018, the Dubai Court of Cassation issued a judgment (Dubai Property Appeal 402 of 2017) in relation to a claim brought by an investor ...
By Ahmad Ghoneim
The UAE Civil Transaction Code ("CTC") provides in article (890) that the main contractor may sub-contract the construction contract, in whole, or in part, unless otherwise agreed in the construction contract.
By Ahmed Al Barwani
With the fast development and implementation of technology and the internet in processing operations in private and public sectors, and concluding transactions locally ...
By Sabrina Saxena
Companies such as Uber, Airbnb and Deliveroo, have become international household names over the past few years.
By Natalie Jones
It is common in the UAE for hotels to utilise a separate owner operator model. The model works well when the interests of each separate party are broadly aligned.
By Ayman Nour, Youssef Sallam
For the last four years, Egypt has made significant and multifaceted efforts to grow its economy by both attracting foreign investments for a wide range of economic activities as well as developing...
By Manel Said, Kareem Bessisso
Special 301 Report (the "Report") is a United States congressional mandated document that reflects the U.S. Administration's views on the protection and enforcement of U.S. intellectual property (IP) rights globally.
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