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By Shiraz Khan
The GCC VAT Framework Agreement, which is yet to be published, has now been signed by all six countries in the GCC.
By Arif Mawany, Shiraz Khan
In February 2017, significant changes were implemented to the corporate tax regime in Oman.
By Nick O'Connell
App development is a flourishing industry across the Middle East. We are regularly approached by clients seeking legal advice on issues relating to app development.
By Karim Marouny
In maritime law, the term 'Ship collision' is given when a physical impact occurs between two ships resulting in an accident which causes damage.
By Eleonore Kressner
Artificial intelligence ("AI") can be loosely defined as "intelligence as exhibited by machines".
By Hassan Arab, Marwa El Mahdy
It is an established principle that a court of substance has the discretionary power to interpret the clauses of an agreement, provided that such interpretation considers the agreement as a whole in understanding the parties intent.
By Thomas Snider
Expedited arbitration is a relatively new process in international arbitration that is often used for disputes of limited value.
By Ahlam Al Tamimi
It is the advertiser's duty to make the advertisement convincing and appealing to consumers.
By Ammar Tarawneh
The rules governing corporate management differ between limited liability companies and public joint stock companies under the UAE Federal Commercial Companies Law (Federal Law No 8 of 1984).
By Essam Al Tamimi
The Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) is in the final stages of completing the rules for the first maritime arbitration centre in the Middles East: the Emirates Maritime Arbitration Centre (EMAC).
By Manel Said
Mobile Applications enable many businesses to be contacted with greater ease and at any time the customer wants.
By Ahmed Allouz, Hiam Al Muhtadi
This article will provide an overview of the structure of the Centre as well as the process and procedures of litigation in cases pertaining to outstanding rent and eviction of tenants.
By Hesham Al Homoud
Investors are conducting extensive due diligence to ensure that they structure their investment by establishing the type of entity which best suits their commercial objectives.
By Euan Lloyd
Termination is a drastic step and it is an option which should never be taken lightly.
By Daniel Goodwin
Pre-qualification is used to identify contractors who have the necessary experience, know-how and resources to successfully carry out a particular scope of work or project.
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