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By Stefanie Di Francesco
The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario's recent decision in Misetich v. Value Village is precedent setting.
By Michael Friedman
Foreign enterprises have long been attracted to investment opportunities in Canada. Canada has led the G7 in growth in total inbound investment over the past 15 years and Forbes...
By Jamie Wilks
In Club Intrawest v The Queen, the Tax Court of Canada considered certain intricate and novel issues. The court grappled with whether Club Intrawest made supplies, the nature of Club Intrawest's supplies...
By Kathy Martin, Maria Sagan, Shahram Khalili, Student-at-Law
Material adverse change clauses are routinely inserted into loan agreements by lenders. However, the practical effects of enforcing a MAC clause in the context of a loan financing remain uncertain.
By Sarah Kilpatrick, Adam Chisholm, Peter Wells, C.S.
What happens when the owner of one of Canada's catchiest jingles faces a new marketing campaign from a long-standing department store.
By William Rowlands
The Landlord and the Tenant had many discussions about renewing the Lease beginning in July, 2014.
By Janine MacNeil, James Musgrove
On February 2, 2017, President Donald Trump's newly-minted Acting Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, Maureen Ohlhausen, provided the Opening Keynote at the American Bar Association's 2017...
By Jeffrey Levine, Tushara Weeasooriya, Christie Bates, Student-at-Law
A recent decision of the British Columbia Supreme Court serves as a reminder to take special care when structuring commercial transactions where the counterparty is in financial distress.
By Kyle Lambert, Anna Lichty (Articling Student)
These days, it seems that lawyers of all stripes, including McMillan's Medical Marijuana Industry Group, are turning their attention to the impacts of Canada's increasingly permissive marijuana laws.
By Stefanie Di Francesco
On February 1, 2017, the Ontario Human Rights Commission released a policy statement that seeks to clarify the type and scope of the medical information that employees need to provide to their employers to support disability-related requests for accommodation.
By Dave McKechnie, Mikolaj Niski, Student-at-Law
In the recent case of Bois v. MD Physician Services Inc.,[1] the Ontario Superior Court of Justice considered whether an employee forfeited payment of a bonus upon voluntarily resigning.
By Sharon Groom, Sarah Kilpatrick
The British Columbia Court of Appeal in Vancouver Community College v Vancouver Career College (Burnaby) Inc., 2017 BCCA 41 has reversed a lower court decision involving whether the use of keywords in online advertising constitutes passing off.
By George Waggott, Paul Boshyk
The tide may be turning against the recent flood of Canadian court decisions involving successful challenges to termination provisions in employment contracts.
By Arman Farahani, Andjela Vukobrat
Under the prior version of the Amended Policy, shareholder approval of a COB or RTO was a condition to obtaining TSX-V approval for the transaction
By Robert Wisner, Stephen Brown-Okruhlik
In its latest decision, the Ontario Superior Court granted summary judgment in favour of Chevron Canada Limited.
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