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By Leila Rafi, Samantha Gordon, Graeme McLaughlin
The decision clarifies the constitutional validity of the law and upholds the establishment of the Cooperative Capital Markets Regulatory System
By Adam Gotfried
Generally, the burden of proof in civil cases is easy to understand.
By Gordana Ivanovic, Paul Boshyk, Alexis Lemajic
Coffey v Nine Energy Canada Inc. 1, a recent decision of the Alberta Court of Queen's Bench, confirms that summary judgment is not appropriate to decide an assessment of damages for pay in lieu of reasonable notice.
By Cameron F. Schepp, Paul D. Barbeau, Jason Haley
The Program creates a simple reporting process for whistleblowers, which under the Program can include employees, directors or contractors of a company.
By Ryan Black, Pablo Tseng, Rosie Schlagintweit
In March 2018, we published an article titled "What Can the Law Do About 'Deepfake'?", discussing the proliferation of deepfake videos and several causes of action that may be taken against those who create and propagate deepfake material on the internet.
By Tilaye Terrefe, Keith Bird
Canada is one of a few contracting states to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) that permits late entry into national phase for an international patent application.
By Alexis Lemajic, Paul Boshyk, Jessica Stuart
Two recent Ontario cases have continued a recent trend of employer-friendly decisions regarding the enforceability of termination clauses.
By Michael J. Hanlon, Jeffrey Levine, Éric Vallières, Émile Catimel-Marchand
We previously wrote about the decision in The Queen v. Callidus Capital Corporation of the Federal Court of Appeal in our Restructuring and Tax Bulletin.
By Guy Pinsonnault, Andreas Dhaene
Let it be known, the message sent by the Court of Appeal (the "Court") in the cases of Pasquale Fedele, Jacques Lavoie and Patrick Alain could not be any clearer.
By Cory Kent, Roland Hurst
The final rules apply to both domestic registrants and foreign private issuers.
By Kyle Lambert
The province has made a handful of fairly minor amendments to the Bill since it was first introduced.
By N. David McInnes, Natalie Cuthill
Presently under the Code there is a 10 day time period for holding the vote.
By Charlotte Conlin, Jeffrey P. Gebert, Melanie Paradis
The OCS will continue to operate the only online retail platform for the sale of recreational cannabis in Ontario.
By Kyle Lambert, Paul Boshyk
The federal government is proposing significant changes to the Canada Labour Code ("Code"), the employment standards legislation affecting federally regulated employers.
By W. Brad Hanna, FCIArb., Andrae J. Marrocco, Adriana Rudensky, Mitch Koczerginski, Lauren Ray
In the recent Ontario Court of Appeal decision in PQ Licensing the Court considered whether the mandatory mediation process prescribed by a franchise agreement impacted the limitation period...
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