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By Leila Rafi, Paul Collins, Adam Kline, Laura Fraser
On February 20, 2017, InterOil Corporation ("InterOil") obtained approval from the Yukon Supreme Court for an updated plan of arrangement with ExxonMobil Corporation ("Exxon").
By François Tougas
The Canadian Transportation Agency (Agency) recently invited submissions regarding its consultation on the Agency Regulatory Costing Model (ARCM) in setting rates for interswitching traffic...
By Annik Forristal
In January 2007 the Province of Ontario's Bill 51, Planning and Conservation Land Statute Law Amendment Act, 2006 and Bill 53, Stronger City of Toronto for a Stronger Ontario Act, 2006, came into force.
By Natalie Cuthill, Tiffany Misri, Articled Student
A recent decision from the British Columbia Supreme Court reminds employers of the recognition of past service and the available damage awards resulting from the manner of dismissal.
By Will Van Horne, Jason Haley
The CSA notes that arm's length third parties often provide commentary about issuers through online blogs or social media websites.
By Shari Munk-Manel, Mireille Germain, Student-at-Law
In a significant decision rendered on December 7, 2016, Justice Irène Zaikoff of the Administrative Labour Tribunal decided that low-level managers have the right to form part of a certified association.
By Mary Flynn-Guglietti, Annik Forristal, Kailey Sutton, Student-at-Law
The key to success for any ballroom dancing partnership is to understand and respect your role in the partnership, but, most importantly, you must avoid stepping on each other's toes.
By James Musgrove, Florence (Sze Pui) Chan
The Competition Bureau (the "Bureau") recently released for comment its draft bulletin on Information Requests from Private Parties in Proceedings for Recovery of Loss or Damage (the "Bulletin") which addresses the Bureau's stance on requests for confidential information in its possession arising from private damages actions under section 36 of the Competition Act (the "Act").
By W. Brad Hanna, FCIArb.
A recent decision of the BC Court of Appeal in Cellular Baby Cell Phones Accessories Specialists Ltd. v. Fido Solutions Inc. provides important guidance to suppliers seeking to terminate dealer agreements...
By Geoffrey Kubrick, Dr. A. Neil Campbell
Since the election of President Trump in the United States, there has been much alarm expressed in the press about potentially disastrous implications of the new US administration policies on trade and investment flows.
By Kyle Lambert
While the decision in Coco Paving Inc. may not be ground-breaking, it is a useful reminder for unionized employers that make contributions to jointly-sponsored plans.
By James Musgrove, Dr. A. Neil Campbell, John Clifford, Joshua Chad
The 2017 increases to the merger thresholds under Canada's Competition Act and Investment Canada Act have been announced.
By Laura Brazil
Contractors working on foreign governments' land in Ontario may not be entitled to lien.
By Laura Brazil
Although this question is currently unresolved, it will likely be addressed if Deep Foundations proceeds to trial.
By Stefanie Di Francesco
The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario's recent decision in Misetich v. Value Village is precedent setting.
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