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By John McKeown
Co-branding occurs when two brand names are used together at the same time. In the most extreme form of co-branding, two brands are presented together to create synergies and increase consumer demand.
By John McKeown
Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) has introduced new obligations relating to commercial electronic messages and other related matters.
By John McKeown
A company may have a system or hierarchy of brands. For example, General Motors has a number of branded divisions which include CADILLAC and CHEVROLET, among others.
By Robert M. Jackson
Negotiation – the very essence of the word often conjures up the thought of adversarial trade-offs, however, when negotiating a purchase/sale agreement parties should turn away from opposing positions.
By Catherine Willson
This series of videos will help Canadian contractors get paid in the construction industry. Contractors should be paid promptly by owners and developers just like they pay their mortgagees.
By John McKeown
A recent decision of the Court of Appeal for the United Kingdom deals with these issues and dismissed an action brought by a number of large tobacco companies attacking the introduction...
By John McKeown
A recent UK case deals with a claim for passing-off that was advanced by a trade association.
By John McKeown
A recent decision of the Federal Court of Appeal has further clarified the law concerning the use of a design element in a trademark.
By John McKeown
A recent decision of the Federal Court considered the rights associated with a line of playground sculptures.
By John McKeown
Brand extensions are closely related to brand equity. The equity of the brand is leveraged by extending the brand to additional wares and services or expansion into new geographical markets.
By Maurizio Artale
Homeowners entering into a fixed-price contract with a contractor for the building or renovation of their home, should be mindful of the contractual implications a change to...
By John McKeown
It can be very difficult to choose a brand name for a new product or business. There are both creative business considerations as well as legal issues.
By John McKeown
There is no universal definition of "brand equity". However, there is a commonality in the definitions which have been put forward by writers in the field.
By John McKeown
In our newsletter article of March 2015 we discussed a decision of the Federal Court which had given little weight to the use of a design element consisting of an oval shaded background of a trademark.
By Rodney Ikeda
Corporations incorporated under the Ontario Business Corporations Act will be required to maintain a register of all real estate ownership interests that the corporation has.