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By Catherine Willson
As the employees at a law firm in Toronto had recently discovered, their right to privacy was more of an idealistic expectation than it was a reality.
By Catherine Willson
Like it or not, the contract constitutes the law between the parties that contract. It sets out the rights and obligations between the parties.
By John McKeown
The Trademarks Act provides that a trademark is not registrable if it is, whether depicted, written or sounded ...
By Ronald Miller
The Ontario Bar Association has designated November as "Make a Will Month".
By John McKeown
In our September entry we discussed the registrability of trademarks and characteristics that may preclude registration. This month we are providing more detail about names and surnames.
By Catherine Willson
Do you think you are out of time to register a construction lien?
By Catherine Willson
Employment Contracts: Tips for New Employees…
By Goldman Sloan Nash & Haber LLP
A recent decision of the Ontario Superior Court has called into question the validity of certain language frequently used in multiple Wills in Ontario (often referred to as "Primary" and "Secondary" Wills).
By Catherine Willson, Grace Brooks (Articling Student)
Defamation is defined as untrue statements made by an individual that are harmful to someone else's reputation and are shared with a third party.
By John McKeown
For those who are interested in recent cases and developments in copyright law and related matters there have been a number of developments since the last entry.
By Jennifer Stam, Brendan Bissell
There are many similarities between the sale of assets through a bankruptcy sale in the United States under Section 363 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code and the sale of assets under Canada's Companies'...
By John McKeown
As you are likely aware, Canada and the United States have agreed to sign a new trade agreement to replace the existing North American Free Trade agreement.
By John McKeown
A recent decision of the Federal Court has confirmed that descriptive trademarks are not entitled to a broad ambit of protection.
By John McKeown
The plaintiff specializes in the design and construction of steel structures.
By John McKeown
A recent decision of the Federal Court considers the concept of use of a trademark in association with services when the method of distribution has changed.
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