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By Claeys & Engels Law Firm
A recently adopted European Directive modifies the existing provisions for third-country researchers and students.
By Claeys & Engels Law Firm
Starting Monday 10 September 2012, a "European Blue Card" can be issued to certain highly-skilled non-EEA employees.
By Claeys & Engels Law Firm
The regime of unemployment with company allowance (formally known as prepension/prépension/brugpensioen) has been modified several times in recent months.
For a considerable period of time now the National Social Security Office (NSSO) accepts that employers award a seniority bonus to their employees after 25 or 35 years of service.
The inter-professional agreement of 2009-2010, which aims at supporting economic revival and restoring confidence, foresees the possibility for employers to grant in 2009 every employee a net advantage of 125 EUR (250 EUR in 2010), which is completely exempted from employer's contributions.
On 12th March the new Corporate Governance Code for listed companies was presented. The new Code is a revision of the so-called 'Code Lippens' which dates from 2004.