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Esentepe Mah. Kore Sehitleri Cad.
No:17 Sisli
By Pelin Baysal, Ilgaz Önder
An effective and fair judicial system is indispensable for a developed country welcoming foreign investors.
By Ozge Atilgan Karakulak, Selin Sinem Erciyas, Tugce Avcisert
The market size for Turkey stood at $6.2 billion in 2014 and is expected to grow to $10.9 bn until 2019.
By Selin Sinem Erciyas, Ozge Atilgan Karakulak
Furthermore, it was formed under international agreement and as a result cannot be claimed as unconstitutional.
By Riza Gumbusoglu, Melİs Silaci, Ezgi Kut
İtirazın iptali davasının hukuki nite¬liği konusunda üç ana görüş mevcuttur.
By Selin Sinem Erciyas, Aysel Korkmaz
The Turkish patent regime has a pre-grant opposition system and recognises two types of patent: unexamined patents and examined patents.
By Hande Hançer
Alternative models for the reimbursement of health services have been a common phenomenon in Europe for many years.
By Uğur Aktekin, Ali Bozoğlu, İpek Oğuz
PC DESIGN SARL filed an application no. 2010/52790 for "cubano original eau de toilette natural spray + device" before the TPI.
By Bentley James Yaffe, Ozge Atilgan Karakulak, Ceren Aral
The Regulation on the Sales, Advertisement and Promotion of Medical Devices has come into force.
By Uğur Aktekin, Selin Sinem Erciyas, Bentley James Yaffe
The Law Regarding the Amendment of the Omnibus Law has become a topic of debate due to the proposed amendments regarding online broadcasts and publications.
By Pelin Baysal, Filiz Toprak, Selin Başaran
There are various reasons why a company may decided to transfer one or more of its business lines, such reasons being, not deriving sufficient profit, needing to facilitate the management and specialization of different business lines, or simply because during an acquisition the transferee may not wish to acquire all business lines of the transferor, instead preferring to exclude one or more of the transferor's business lines from the scope of the acquisition.
By Ozge Atilgan Karakulak, Dicle Doğan
Based on the Regulation on Promotional Activities of Pharmaceutical Products for Human Use issued by the Turkish Ministry of Health dated August 26, 2011, Guidelines on Principles and Procedures and the Implementation Timeline for Training of Medical Sales Representatives has been published on June 29, 2013.
By Neşe Önder
Mediation has been recognized by the Turkish legal system with the announcement of the Turkish Mediation Act on Civil Disputes dated 22 June 2012 ("the Act" or "the Mediation Act") entered into force on 23 June 2013.
By Ozge Atilgan Karakulak, Bentley James Yaffe
The legal provisions regulating the working principles of healthcare professionals working in state institutions in Turkey has been an oft debated issue, particularly in recent years.
By Pelin Baysal, Alişya Bengi Danışman
Third party right for direct claim has been explicitly recognized with a specific provision (Article 1478) introduced by the new Turkish Commercial Code numbered 6102 and dated January 13th, 2011 ("the TCC").
By Neşe Önder
The insurance section of the new Turkish Commercial Code is much wider in scope and attempts to provide clarity in terms of both law and terminology controversial under the old Code of 1956 which was highly insufficient to meet the dynamic needs of today's insurance industry.