On November 16th, 2016, the Brazilian Port Regulatory Agency ("ANTAQ") promoted the early renewal of lease agreements related to two important public port terminals: the Container Terminal (TECON) in Salvador Port (Bahia) and the Fertilizer Terminal (Forspar S/A), in Paranaguá's Port (Paraná). The early renewal was authorized by Federal Law N. 12.815/2013, upon commitment by the lessee to undertake new investment obligations.

The agreements were extended for 25 additional years and investment obligations undertaken by the operators are estimated at R$ 849.5 millions, those of which may be used to increase the capacity of each terminal, resulting in approximately 900 new jobs.

Tecon Salvador aims at enhancing its capacity in 75%. Investments are estimated at approximately R$ 715 million and will be used for the construction of a new wharf and pier, as well as the urbanization and paving of the terminal's area. In view of the early renewal, the agreement will be in force until 2050.

In the case of the Paranaguá Fertilizer Terminal, investments are estimated at R$ 134.5 million, and will be used to increase the terminal's capacity and reduce the operating time. In view of the early renewal, the agreement will be in force until 2048.

In the occasion, ANTAQ's general-director announced that other three terminals will be submitted to public consultation still this year: (i) Cellulose Terminal, in Ortigueira, Paraná, with agreement value estimated at R$ 1.1 billion and investments of R$ 102 million; (ii) Vehicle Terminal, in Paranaguá, with agreement value estimated at R$ 832.9 million and R$ 72 million in investments; and (iii) Cellulose Terminal, in the Itaqui Port (Maranhão), with agreement value estimated at R$ 1.6 billion and R$ 221 million in investments.

ANTAQ also mentioned that until the end of November, 2016, it expects to publish the tender documents for two fuel terminals in Santarém Port (STM 04 and STM 05). The projects are part of the Partnership Investment Program ("PPI") launched by the Brazilian Federal Government, and estimate investments of R$ 29.9 million in total. Tender documents for STM 04 were formally approved yesterday, November 21, by means of a Resolution issued by ANTAQ.

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