The Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) announced that since December 21, 2015, pesticide registrations analyzed by its Toxicology General Department (GGTOX) will no longer being published in pdf or similar format, but instead are available through ANVISA´s Registration System (Datavisa) at:

In Brazil, pesticide registration is evaluated by three Agencies: the Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA), responsible for the registration issuing; the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA, Ministry of the Environment); and ANVISA (Ministry of Health). Each agency is responsible for aspects related to agriculture, environment and health, respectively. ANVISA carries out toxicological analysis for new pesticide registration and for the re-evaluation of molecules that have already been registered.

ANVISA has reported that the applications will be analyzed in chronological order. However, applications declared to have priority treatment by the registration office (MAPA) due to phytosanitary emergency, or other technical justification, will also receive priority treatment by ANVISA. According to Decree 4,074/2012, the registration for the following products will be prioritized:

  • Low toxicity products, provided a duly justified request for priority process filed by the applicant has been approved by the relevant agency.
  • Equivalent technical products or products formulated on the basis of equivalent technical products.
  • Plant protection products approved for use in organic agriculture.


Previously published on the 13th January 2016

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