The Municipality of São Paulo, acting through its company São Paulo Turismo S.A. ("SPTuris"), published, on May 19, 2015, a public announcement (Chamamento Público DPR 02/2015) for registration and qualification of interested parties to perform preliminary studies for the future public concession of the Anhembi Complex, the largest convention center in Brazil, located in the City of São Paulo.

The studies to be carried out must include technical verifications and alternatives for structuring the Project (including economic, legal and regulatory feasibility studies), which will be used by the Granting Authority to decide on the definitive model of concession. Although this has not been formally confirmed, the Municipality of São Paulo and SPTuris have both indicated that the public concession may be structured as a Public-Private Partnership (Parceria Público-Privada – PPP).

The Project will consist of revitalization, modernization, expansion, operation, maintenance and administration of the Project "NOVO ANHEMBI". It is expected that the winner of the bidding process will have to invest around R$ 1.5 billion in the project. In return, it will be allowed to explore the site, including revenues generated from a new parking space, as well as a new shopping center and hotel.

Interested parties will have 20 (twenty) days after the date of the public announcement to proceed with the registration and qualification processes. The party selected during this first phase will receive an authorization from the Municipality to start the studies within 10 (ten days), which must then be completed by within 90 (ninety days).

The official date for the actual bidding process – as well as the definitive terms and conditions of the Project – will be announced by the Granting Authority after reviewing the results of the studies.

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