Today, it was published in the Official Gazette, Portaria SECEX n. 18, of April 1st 2015, that rules on the distribution of export tariff quotas to Mexico under ACE 55 (Automotive Agreement).

The fifth protocol on ACE 55 establishes, to 2015, a US$1,56 billion quota in which cars and light cargo vehicles may be exported to Mexico without any tariff. Furthermore, protocol sets that 70% of this quota will be distributed by the exporting country and 30% by the importing country.

The Portaria issued today sets criteria for allocation of 70% of the quota, equivalent to US$1,092 billion, to Brazilian producers exporting to Mexico.

Allocation criteria for this amount are: 10% as technical reserve, 20% distributed in equal portions, 35% distributed in the proportion of exports to Mexico in the last six years in light of the total of exports, and 35% distributed in the proportion of licenses granted by DENATRAN in 2014.

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