Digital Law

Aiming to regulate the Brazilian digital media industry and adapt it to the rules already adopted by the offline media market, the Standard Norms Executive Council (CENP) has proposed a new attachment to its Standard Norms for Advertising Activities, better known as "Attachment D".

CENP has been discussing an Attachment D to its Standard Norms since 2017. The main goal of this proposal is to promote a digital advertisement model in Brazil based on ethics and transparency, similar to the rules traditionally imposed on offline media companies, advertisers and advertising agencies. By increasing the transparency in the digital media industry, the expectation is to reduce fraud and misuses, as well as enhance the credibility of digital media companies.

Moreover, in October 2017, CENP created the Digital Technical Committee (CTD) to discuss the new rules set by the Attachment D, as well as the improvement of its wording and the definition of an implementation strategy.

If the Attachment D is enacted, advertising agencies, media companies and innovative models of advertising communication subject to CENP's regulation will be obliged to disclose broad information related to all companies involved in the programmatic media purchase, the data collected on the digital advertising, a full list reporting where the digital advertisement was broadcasted and audience measures of the digital advertising, among other particulars.

Currently, the regulation set by the Attachment D still depends on CENP's approval and has not been implemented yet. We will follow up on such approval process.

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