OECD: Austria ranks among Europe's top economic performers

According to the most recent OECD statistics, Austria is one of Europe's strongest nations economically: in comparisons of per capita GDP, Austria ranks fourth among the 15 EU states - ahead of Germany, Holland and France. Austria ranks equally well among the world's industrial nations - only 8 countries can claim greater economic strength, including the U.S. (ranked 2nd) and Japan (5th).

Austria's stable economic climate is further reflected in a hard schilling and a healthy labor market: its inflation rate in 1996 was just 1.9 percent, and with an unemployment rate of just 4.1%, Austria ranked behind only Luxembourg (3.1%) among EU nations.

Economic Power (Creating Wealth)
GDP per Capita in US$ (purchasing power parity), 1996
  • Luxembourg 32,210
  • Denmark 22,270
  • Belgium 21,450
  • Austria 21,370
  • Germany 21,080
  • Netherlands 20,620
  • France 20,510
  • Italy 19,990
  • Sweden 19,240
  • Ireland 18,750
  • Finland 18,520
  • Great Britain 18,490
  • Spain 14,790
  • Portugal 13,020
  • Greece 12,650
  • Source: OECD 1997

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