In March of this year, Ren‚ Siegl (37) - who has made a distinguished career of promoting Austrian industry and providing critical information business-to-business - assumed leadership of the Austrian Business Agency as its new president. Mr. Siegl's campaigns as head of public affairs for the Federation of Austrian Industry succeeded in improving the image of Austria's industrial sector and make improvement of the business environment a national issue. He also led Austrian industry's successful effort in the national referendum on entering the European Union. Ren‚ Siegl comes to the Austrian Business Agency from the Austrian Labor Market, where as head of the Department of Marketing and Public Affairs he created a new corporate identity and built the agency's image as a modern service organization. Trained in the law and business administration, Ren‚ Siegl also previously served in the public affairs department of Voest Alpine AG, a cutting-edge high-technology firm, and Girozentrale (now GiroCredit) a leading Austrian financial institution

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