Rautner Attorneys-at-Law is pleased to announce that it has just published a new English translation of the Austrian Insolvency Code. This translation project was driven by the interest and needs of our foreign clients during the various stages of the insolvency and/or restructuring processes. What started out as case-by-case translations using various sections of the Code, evolved into a final and complete English translation of the Code. The translation was carried out by Uwe Rautner, Managing Partner at Rautner Attorneys-at-Law, who is qualified as an attorney-at-law in Austria and as a solicitor in England & Wales. The unabridged English translation of the Austrian Insolvency Code provides English speaking investors, lawyers, and students with a valuable resource for understanding Austrian insolvency laws. The full translated text is available free of charge to the public at our Website.

Rautner Attorneys-at-Law is an Austrian based international law firm specializing in the legal practice areas of: banking & finance; corporate; mergers & acquisitions; insolvency & restructuring; capital markets. The firm has advised on many of the recent major Austrian insolvency and/or restructuring cases, including: ALPINE BAU; ASAMER; BAUMAX; HYPO-ALPE-ADRIA (now HETA ASSET RESOLUTION).

Link to the English Translation of the Austrian Insolvency Code here.

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